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BIG overcome Na`Vi despite s1mple show; IEM Katowice champions with 0-2 start
G2 vs Natus Vincere
Navi onliners? without crowd they are suddenly recking everything?
IEM Katowice playoffs to be played without audience due to coronavirus concerns
What the hell
BIG win DreamHack Open Leipzig over Renegades
Finally world champions! Let's gooo
f0rest leaves NiP; nawwk joins the roster
LEGEND! f0rest is literally the sole reason I started playing cs go. I was too little when my big brother played cs 1.6 with his friends, but f0rest was the only pro player I knew. It was crazy to se...
Top 20 players of 2019: device (3)
Kinda ridiculous double standard from hltv. s1mple above device cause of pure stats, yet players of lower ranked teams that don't play the big matches (just like s1mple this year) have no chance of ev...
Top 20 players of 2019: device (3)
I see that stats matter more with individual rankings, but you also have to account how many great performances Device had in the really big finals. But I guess hltv just wants to justify their ratin...
Top 20 players of 2019: EliGE (4)
s1mple is still a beast but I would have rated Elige above him for this year. This kinda confirms he will be third, no way he beats Devve or ZywOo
Top 20 players of 2019: ropz (10)
Only #10?
ZywOo carries Vitality to EPICENTER triumph over mousesports
ZywOo Esports
EPICENTER 2019 viewer's guide
Another big cash in for mouz, nice! My boys gettin rich this year.
BLAST Pro Series Global Final viewer's guide
mousesports pull off double comeback vs. Astralis to advance to EPL final
What a sick comeback. 14:8 with chrisJ down and everyone in the crowd against them. WOW
mousesports defeat ENCE to win CS:GO Asia Championships
ZywOo top 1 2019
Elige had pretty sick numbers during their Grand Slam run. It will be quite difficult to determine #1 this year. All 3 of Device, Elige and Zywoo could take it honestly. The problem with s1mple's sta...