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Complexity vs SoaR
Agreed. This SoaR team looks sketchy af...
Mask Off vs ex-Synthetik
Yup im not complaining but just saying dafuq were those odds moves
Mask Off vs ex-Synthetik
Idk why you ever would bet (serious high amounts) on these games.. I mean pinnacle has the highest limits of every site but betting 2k on this game will drop the odds to an abysmal level.
Mask Off vs ex-Synthetik
For the people interested, Vegas bookies (pinnacle mostly) had maskoff at 1.35 but last 10/15 minutes odds jumped to 1.7 with multiple high bets placed on synthetic :) Do what you want with the info
Defusekids vs MAESTRO
You only can play this tournament with Dutch and Belgium players, defusekids can't use their international roster
ONFIRE vs e-Leet
In the Netherlands a long travel is 200km by car lmaooo
Dark Sided vs Immunity
So it was nuke at first with iyen and now its overpass with texta. Good job hltv lol
Immunity vs Athletico
They played a hour ago and suddenly cant field a full lineup dafuq
They were after some heavy swings on pinnacle
Not a bit weird we're talking about a team with subroza and some others which dont have the best history if its about throwing/cheating. Lost vs mythic being overdog and win vs denial as underdog...
Binary Dragons vs ex-Manatee
Dont try to impress me, im doing this job fulltime past 2 years. Mostly betting on nba though but gonna enjoy myself when there is no interesting sport. Limits on bet365 are funny and you get limited ...
Binary Dragons vs ex-Manatee
Tbh tier 3 match, betting on 1.5 odds is retarted, no value. If you bet, manatee was the bet. About that bad bettor, you can't bet 2k on that as the limits on bet365 were in the 300€ range
Tainted Minds vs Athletico
Every big aus team plays in esea premier australia. Seems you didnt do any research but let me explain it. Pro league EU/NA = Premier australia and Premier EU/NA = Open australia... The esea page: pla...
Tainted Minds vs Athletico
No these playes played on athletico black which is their academy team only the academy team did better than almost any other team during the regular season of esea premier australia....
RONIN vs Ghost
Not that there were some oddswings the day before when pinnacle had the odds up... Tbh that throw was pretty obvious. Wouldnt be surprised if those 2 standins had something to do with that ;) There ar...