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cringe crowd
"performing" Clearly you don't have a clue about djing/cdjing, electronic music and it's culture and no idea about the party mindset. Playing a pre-recorded set touching the mixxer now and then doi...
how to spot cheaters
- small dicked wanna be devirginized idiots with puss flowing in their huge shit volcano dematic irritations with no actual feats in sports or any other social or sport activity besides small scale ai...
+ fetishes + gas mask +jewhate +full of turks nowadays
Leafy fanboys
yes 340.000 subs in youtube counts as noone. But i ll have to agree. He's bad at what he does which is confirmed if you check his target group that are mad kids from 12 - 17
RIP Fifdiinsierro
And like a spark, a friendship was born.
Sex God Dosia
Not even baiting tho.
Sex God Dosia
Why do you even mock the guy. He hasn't ever harmed no one, he seems to be a decent fella. He just happens to be fat so? I wouldn't like personally to be fat, but i sure as hell wouldn't make fun of o...
Anytime, if you need anything else, i would be glad to be of help.
Should I burn in hell?
+5 , plus hes muted reported.
Just tell a girl you asked about this on Hltv forums , she will definitely get turned on.
Once a week does actually nothing. Nothing. Nada. No effects. You have to work out at least 3 to 4 times per week to see any results. The muscles in the body react as following. During the workout the...
VAC is a joke.
NEW de_nuke
Yes because Nuke has been on the official map pool since 2012. Fucking retarded kids, im so bored of you really. You were not even born when CS was released.
NEW de_nuke
Le Touscan has arrived
Ping Astana to Seattle
Your argument is invalid. A good friend that studies in Czech Republic plays with 15 ping. It has solely to do with the distance from your region's valve server and the network quality.