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TSM vs fnatic
dude, fnatic defeat TSM like never. no matter what TSM > fnatic ALWAYS.
TSM vs fnatic
dunno who is dumber, flusha or krimz? both playing like silvers most of the time
TSM vs fnatic
so easy for TSM. so boring to watch. it is obvious TSM>fnatic always. 0 excitement.
TSM vs fnatic
learn to read you moron and check two the best rankings i linked u moron.
TSM vs fnatic
doesnt matter, TSM>>>>>>fnatic. TSM always own fnatic. fnatic just luck skill to beat top1 teams like TSM.
TSM vs fnatic
lmao, fnatic is getting raped so hard they should just leave the server. TSM owning them like some silvers. thx for easy bet fnatic fankids.
TSM vs fnatic
http://www.gosugamers.net/counterstrike/rankings#team http://www.csgonuts.com/rankings get a brain u moron, u cant be higher than top1
TSM vs fnatic
tsm is smart, they saved strats on cache to win without strats on puggy dust 2 and new train. fnatic ll get raped by TSM like always. They are too low to compete with top1 TSM.
TSM vs fnatic
who is this terrible caster (not semmler, the other one?)? i wanted to enjoy fnatic getting raped like always by top1 world TSM but those casters are so terrible i cant listen them :/
kqly sf area jw flusha
n0thing defuse fail
this is why nothing doesnt deserve to play in top1 na team
cod4 promod players
DoD 1.3 > any cod
A new pc.
your CPU is too good for your GPU i have 2 years old i3 3220 and with 7 years old 8800GT i had 50-150 fps on LOW now i switched GPU to new GTX 970 and i have 150-300 fps on max out graphic setting...
Nip 2015
yeah, like in bucharest when the whole fnatic team denied a handshake from gtr and cursed him? anyway when gtr ll join fnatic then his fanbase ll leave him and from 2nd most popular player he ll get ...
VP's chances of another major
they lose those recent majors semifinals in OTs or very close after their leads. they lose not because enemy is awesome but because they throw away their leads. it could because snax and byali are sti...