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I create dream teams (for each country/language)
kenny main awp, zywoo rifler
Good FPS game?
tbh stopped following cod after ghosts it's just the shit I heard about ironsight and when I played it I felt like I was playing mw3 again but unfortunately they dont have SEA servers so I stopped pla...
Good FPS game?
this f2p game called iron sight seems to be a throwback to the cods of the old for a good sp game try doom or if u dont mind quake era graphics try dusk
finnish superteam
Single player game
I don't really play games for their stories or even characters tbh so didn't really matter to me
Single player game
nothing to ride home about, way worse than the ezio trilogy imo
Single player game
+11111111111 old dooms got a ton of mods for replayability and new doom is real good
Single player game
aco is less like an assassin's creed game and more of a hack and slash open world fantasy type game
probably meant it in the context that all three are international teams that are somewhat relevant atleast
Navi ranking
true, but I was talking about top 10 in general top 3 can be fixed astralis liquid navi I think
Navi ranking
I would put nip on 9th and mibr/fnc on 8-9 everything else +1
nice flair my friend
TOP 10 now
name checks out
Zywoo real fix
skill wise obviously chemistry wise ehhh not sure about scream and teams seem to have a problem with k1o (pun intended)
Zywoo real fix
can't see a replacement for alex available in the fr scene, and I haven't seen him perform that bad this tourney only that one matchup