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wallpaper thread
http://puu.sh/EBqPv/db7559726c.png PS:- (same girl on both screens)
OG awper?
I agree might be washed up now or might be better than he was before
OG awper?
he said he is open to EU offers
Pros on zywoo or s1mple
they've only played twice this year and they've split once in fact by your logic astralis beat them in the group stage of malmo(a tournament in which vitality made finals but astralis didn't) whereas...
Is she 10/10 ? Rate her
+1 and nice name lol
How many languages do you speak?
or I'll
I guess your AGE v2 (99% right)
big al pacino and keanu reeves fan I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that devil's advocate exists (underrated movie imo havent heard many people talk about it)
I guess your AGE v2 (99% right)
close about to turn 18 next year
I guess your AGE v2 (99% right)
2.7k hours in csgo favourite player:- dont have a single one, was happy during the envyus/ldlc period (when they were good), atm I have many (shox, zywoo, frozen, brollan, apEX, kennyS) havent played ...
HLTV ranking
esl ranking on the other hand puts vita at 3rd and eg at 4th (still kind of a mismatch) but I think they take the placings into consideration more than the other stuff (like form on hltv)
HLTV ranking
u have a point but id expect them to be 4th-5th atleast and eg to lose a couple of points maybe?
HLTV ranking
EG gained around 12 points for getting knocked out last in groups Liquid lost 50 points for placing 2nd to last???? vita gained 90 points for coming second whereas fnatic gained 480 points for winning...
Top 5 Best Finals
1. LDLC vs NiP DHW (bias) 2. Astralis vs VP eleague Atlanta 3. NiP vs fnatic esl one kato 2015 4. malmo 2019 5. fnc vs liquid iem sydney 2019 honorable mention:- cologne 2015 (bias cuz I hate to see...
i Rate your PC
+1 people who think 1 TB is enough in 2019 are the type who play like 5 games and have nothing else except a few apps on their pc I think 2 TB is necessary in this age if you play video games and hav...
Pimp, SPUNJ and DeKay
probably because this time the match was underwhelming whereas some of the most banger games of csgo involved nip vs fnatic (cologne 2014, mlg x games 2015, iem sydney 2019) compared to those, this sh...