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Skin dealers come here
lithuania clearly have a great education system
Ben Shapiro OBLITERATES pro-murder leftist
and he's argentinian
SK didn't have an era
of course not. envy literally couldn't win shit vs fnatic even though they could win every other tournament. vp and nip won maybe one or two matches a year. lg were losing to fucking tyloo in groups
Typing speed? first try with legs on the table and typing on a laptop
white culture is disgusting
i'm an arab ask me anything
if you consider killing animals humane, it's as humane as any other form of slaughter.
i'm an arab ask me anything
in islam you're supposed to shave all those things as part of the sunnah
i'm an arab ask me anything
you're supposed to shave armpits/pubes/ass and trim moustache
the 4 goats of CS GO
look at the years after that. major win plus like 6 finals in majors
the 4 goats of CS GO
yup, just look at stats for the years nip dominated.
the 4 goats of CS GO
biggest legends because they're the best players. there hasn't been any rifler that eclipses what f0rest accomplished. there hasn't been any awper that rivals kenny at his peak
the 4 goats of CS GO
you should delete your account f0rest, get_right, kennys and olof should are the biggest legends in csgo
Most competitive era ever?
talking early 2015 where kenny was godmode and they were consistently beating fnatic. they were obviously worthless towards the end
Most competitive era ever?
2015 was obviously the most competitive year. it's not even close you had peak fnatic. you had peak ldlc/envy. you had tsm playing at an extremely high level. you had vp playing at an extremely high ...
Blonde women x brunette men