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cod does all their shit in house. you're not allowed to host tournaments without activision
shroud spent over a year building an audience for pubg. he was the biggest thing in pubg. cod on the other hand has hundreds of more popular cod players on youtube and it's always been a console game
thats not true at all
Shootings in Sweden
1 per 100k very scary
Tinder biggest shit?
genuine question, do white people all look the same for asian people? i heard asian people think white people also smell of milk?
Blacks incipience
adam and eve were brown. guys that stayed in africa turned blacker because of increase in melanin. guys that went to europe turned whiter because of decrease in melanin
PIZZA preference
olives tuna tomato sweetcorn
NO-NUT DAY 4 help me
just think about how pathetic you look when you jerk off
No fap is nonsense
you realise that study is completely worthless because all it means is that people who don't fap likely have issues that with their dick that makes it so they can't fap?
CSGO 2018 or CSGO 2015?
stop projecting your ignorance
CSGO 2018 or CSGO 2015?
2015 is the best, easily. that was the last year where the best teams were all consistently attending events an consistently placing well. it's also the year guys like niko/s1mple broke out onto the s...
Fastest MPH you drove?
not fair because of germany autobahn
not really. theyre shorter than average for germans
The best TV show?
no such thing as "best" tv show. people like different things. it's better to state what your favourite genre is and ask people what their favourites are
The best TV show?
i finished it all in two weeks after i came back to it the next year