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listening right now?
Nirvana - About a girl
Ask her for clubbing
Mate if you are interested in her then make it perfectly clear. Playing games is stupid, nobody likes that, show her that you want her and wait for her reaction. If she wants you too, she will let you...
She was unconscious
That's rape dude
XXX is back
Lmao so much this. I don't get why anybody would grieve for this piece of shit.
just got friendzoned lmao
I'm not really an expert regarding this matter, but you shouldn't have waited for 2 months. You set yourself up to be just a friend, next time make it perfectly clear from the get go that you want to ...
It doesn't necessarily need to be related to cheating, I've made stuff up before when I go out with my mates to smoke weed, because I sure as hell am not going to tell my girlfriend "Hey waddup, I'm j...
eat weed
Nothing will happen, you won't get high by eating weed.
lowest iq country?
Fokkin 'ell mait
Drunk a t work
That's definitely a nice compliment regarding my level of English but I assure you that I am most certainly not British/Scottish/Irish or whatever.
Drunk a t work
What led you to that conclusion? I'm fakeflagging btw
Drunk a t work
OP clearly is having a good time, so what's your problem? Surprise surprise, different people enjoy different things.
Drunk a t work
So you get mad at people who are having a good time? You have nothing you pathetic sack of shit.
- Karrigan + Who?
shox would fit the team really well
FNX back to sk?
young prodigy
He was a cheater though.