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coldzera JESUS CHRIST!
> or could he not just afford glasses before? [ ] Brazil [ ] afford Pick one. I guess the only thing you can afford in Brazil is your own beheading.
Russians come here
Are you sure they're premades? I usually have some randoms in my team that want to talk to me in Russian because they finally found a fellow Russian among these pesky americans. They just talk non-sto...
Russians come here
You just need to constantly butthurt, yell in Hitler language, TK some Ruskies, then download a cheat and be VAC banned. No MM = no Russians. Solved it for you. Actually a lot of Germans do this. Oth...
Russians come here
> Why do you use voicechat to talk to your premades in russian? We don't, and you're a kebab retard. Please remove yourself and don't forget to vote for Erdogan.
Clean my toilet
No. LITERALLY it is "nice try cyka pidaras blyat"
Why do 0-3 recieve same prize as 2-3?
But in GSL 13-16 teams earned less than 9-12 teams?
Shittiest major lol
> Some shit team in playsoff G2 is out though.
Gambit lucky
apEX is a noob and kennyS is a whiny bitch that throws the game when he had a bad round (lack of CONFIDENCE). They're reaching playoffs because shox is carrying. Wait, they don't for almost 2 years n...
AWPers all fat
I was don't know this details.
Riots (again) in Sweden
You're right, Hitler.
Hate on Brazil
> When Sweden was top nobody hated them Wtf. Just got internet in favela? > But now when Brazil is top #1 of world everyone hate us? Is this because we're not white? This is because pure luck...
GeT_RiGhT propagandist
A perfect example of quantity over quality.
R8 bae
Maybe in regions that are close to Kazakhstan. They have better economy and climate, why would they leave Kazakhstan lol. There are a lot of Asians, but they're not Kazakhs. Yakuts, Uzbeks, Buryats...
GeT_RiGhT propagandist
Trying to stay relevant. Nowadays he's less relevant than mir, hutji or chopper.
R8 bae
I've seen maybe 1 Kazakh girl in my life. They live in Kazakh steeps, drink horse milk and fuck with these Asians fighters that get braindead after 0.5L of beer (not joking, they're very vulnerable to...