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shroud useless
Just a puglord. Like Deph ;) But seriously, Shroud as a player whilst he has a quality aim has much less value than an inferior aimer but someone who has a team mentality and quality gaming ethic.
Is secularism really a good thing?
So much yes. Argument from ignorance is literally the only approach theists seem to have with regards to the creation of the universe...
Is secularism really a good thing?
lol This argument has been refuted by particle physicists more times than I can actually care to recall. Some random theistic kiddo on the internet who read a wikipedia page locking horns with q...
If +400fps, post your specs
So? Let him.
Worst Team Using Tier 1 Players?
Xizt is absolutely fine at fragging...?
Penis length and MM rank
9 meters MG1
hardest word to pronounce in your language ?
"James, while John had had had, had had had had; had had had had a better effect on the teacher" is a gramatically correct sentence in English.
Nice gamerino
lol it wasn't a nice game it was just terrible play by VP and kinguin not being retarded
pasha: kinguin is joke
genuinely never seen a worse display from vp
ok guy who never leaves his house and showers 1 time a week
lol @ hltv gym talk
lem is terrible now my dead nan is better than lem
SWE + USA hates nEph
i do
Is secularism really a good thing?
David I've been reading your comments and you're a boring internet pseudo intellectual who knows approximately jack shit and doesn't know how to use full stops and commas.