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life is cruel?
Will you lose everything or be freed of everything?
Smart People
There are equally smart people distributed all along the homo sapiens timeline. There will simply be more smart people as the population grows, however the proportion is likely to remain the same.
the most italian pic u will see today
I am living in Denmark, here they just closed down for 14 days starting right now. <3
the most italian pic u will see today
Hi man. I was in north italy in end of december skiing. I am so sorry what happened to you guys and rest of the world. Take good care
If nobody likes to work
If the majority of people stopped working here's what would happen: The people who are working, are producing goods that will be in high demand due to the low supply. These goods will have an increas...
fullbody workout?
Hmm the weight seems "lighter" on those, like the bar doesn't feel 20KG at all, at least in my gym. And also you work your core from stabilizing the bar- At least that's what I've been told.
fullbody workout?
I think free weights are better, it will train more muscles. For example squats will train abs, back, legs all at once, so u get a lot of work done with 1 exercise. In my experience I fatigue faster...
Your salary in USD
Country: Scandinavia Job: Account manager Salary: 4900-6000 $ / month.
highest chimney in Europe 360 m
Actually where I live, the building 20 meters across the street, a few years ago a mentally disturbed man climbed into the chimney and got stuck. It took them many hours to find him, but he got freed...
best short players on inferno
plays pit
Elige buff?
Watch the vod after their last game
Elige buff?
He is filling out that player shirt nicely, good for him for taking care of himself. I really respect EliGE.
Scandinavians and suicide.
U got some statistics or just fake news?