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right prediction = 2$ skin v3
SS mouz Astralis Liquid Gambot Fnatic
godskar appreciation thread
godskar appreciation thread
i are not like oskar cause he not gud awp but pistol not very good and like that
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Why would you do that even?
Major boring so far??
is it me or is this major a bit of a boring tournament like u see it at the end "oh wow eleague major 2018 has 2 milion viewers" but u can never remember the highlights. can u remember a single h...
right prediction = 5$ skin v2
mouz < vega liquid > navi qbf < g2 fnatic > astralis big < nord sk < faze vp < c9 ss > gambot
Do you know what he did to fnx and Lumonisity? Guy deserves no respect.
Virtus Pro
I don't watch polish regional teams/players. Maybe someone from AGO, that kinguin team that did really good, don't know, but byali is the least iconic player on that roster.
Virtus Pro
get rid of byali, he doesn't want to play cs anymore so he can fuck off get new blood as firepower, it will motivate the rest of the team and easy winning
I are think that rooster animal :/
DAY 2 Predictions
Great job inverting my picks mate.
DAY 2 Predictions
I went for the risky pick, i guess it was mostly nuke that caused the horrible performance yesterday and they could win this, but I went for yolo.
olof 2015 > get right 2014 > coldzera 2017
Yeah and why wasn't Kabum/LG, or whatever the core was called at the time, able to ever get out of groups?
Honestly I hope for ESL Cologne or DH Stockholm
SK practice
makes sense now, ty