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Sacramento Kings WTF ???
Then they might as well have kept him
man woman friendship
Possible? Yes. That doesn't mean 99% of all guys wouldn't bang their female friends on the spot if they could
Short guys COME
nice try commie
visit me in Sweden if you are white
why i love the US
nice rant but it had nothing to do with the title so it's a no from me
Short guys COME
ok, if you're looking for more practical advice, find a really short girl or a really tall girl. they usually can't afford to get picky about your height
captcha on HLTV
worst captcha i've seen as well *click on the boxes with a motorcycle* shows a picture of what i can only presume is the bike my grandma rode when she was a small girl in rural sweden in the 1920's
Short guys COME
well what answer do you fucking what? have shin surgeries in china or walk around with shoe implants? there's not much you can do. move on
Short guys COME
yeah but that's the point, most girls don't someone who's as tall as them, they want someone taller. however if you're 180 female, you aren't exactly what most men dream of either, so you can't be too...
Short guys COME
yeah but pretty much every girl wants a man who's taller than them, most probably prefer at least 10-15 cm taller
Short guys COME
like anybody else you get over your imperfections and focus on what you can. and even though its a no go for many girls, there are literally billions of girls in this world, and if you can't find one ...
Formula 1
Ricciardo was quite far above Verstappen in the standings last year before his car started breaking down every other race, he finished above 3-time world champion and teammate Vettel in 2014 and finis...
[18+]Have you ever thought about raping someone?
i can't say it's something i want to do but sometimes i'm amazed at how this historically viable way for men to reproduce has become so impossible in our modern society. imagine raiding a spanish town...
Why Kjaerbye is not good nowadays?
kjaerbye will still be young in 2040, bad excuse
Formula 1
how was merc locked with bottas?