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NBK different in game vision
Vitality NBK LUL
Thorin 5head
Not to mention zywoo had to farm in AAA to make his reputation and some super trash french team even before that. Claiming that simple got "unlucky" and zywoo didnt compeltly disregards reality. Simpl...
Thorin 5head
But simple played like zywoo in liquid already. Watch how "well" vitality did with happy and how "well" they did with nbk IGL and shox replacing happy. If only you could stop coping
Thorin 5head
Coping hard. I guess liquid is shit team LULW fucking simple fanboys are delusional af btw simple had to play in shit teams because he got himslef banned in ESL for cheating and than he tried to avoid...
There is difference between smoking 2-3 a day and 15 a day. Its all relative if its worth it or not. if they realise its bad habit or not, If they are trying to stop or dont give a fuck. etc. There is...
Thorin 5head
First you cant know that second do you know the reason why simple had to play in shit teams? (even tho HR and flipside were same tier as vitality when they were starting out)
Thorin 5head
Simple has been in t1 scene since 2016 cope harder
Thorin 5head
zywoo didnt even play in the best french team. that was g2. Vitality became best french team after alex took IGL role. Also he couldnt awp freely he had to do it since alex was calling alot arround z...
Thorin 5head
2 years in pro scene same ammount of mvps as simple LULW
virtus wtf
you better be
"Best Czech player" Litrally says in the first sentence brits and reading smh
Things that annoy you
wrong reply
AMD won over NVIDIA!
Yes that was the point of the post