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Atheists come
We are all agnostic and we are all Atheists when it comes 99% of all the religions. Whether you call it atheism or agnosticism...does not really matter.
Atheists come
As long as you rewrite your religious lore as science uncovers the grown up answers, then yes.
Trump Supporters Come Here
If you like that stinking pile of orange bat shit, it really speaks volumes of who you are. He makes fun of handicapped people, talks down to women, cheating people from scholarships and stealing thei...
G2 vs North
Kenny can only carry so much :)
G2 vs North
Ya, really easy for G2!
Astralis vs G2
The rules are laid out before the tournament begins. Everyone is on equal grounds and we always have this shit afterwards. Take some bread and stfu.
Astralis vs G2
OK genius. Tell us how the tournament structure should be for you to not whine? By the way, want some bread to go with that?
Astralis vs FaZe
You bet on Faze in other words..
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
Branding for a new generation of bots that can be used, by the rich, for "international affairs". I love that I'm not living in that shithole. No pun intended.
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
What's up with the U.S. Air force sponsorship. Is that a fucking joke? Sponsored by a state killing machine. Be the future.
MAD Lions vs Evil Geniuses
What is your point?
MAD Lions vs Evil Geniuses
And who is dominating world wide CS with under 6 mil inhabitants and has done so since dawn of CS?
MAD Lions vs Evil Geniuses
Wow my bad
MAD Lions vs Evil Geniuses
Rather, people who have a history in CS. He has brought a lot of talent to the scene, not that you give a fuck.