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the falldown of half life tv
HLTV has always been a cesspool and a 2nd rate GotFrag.
lol you are 100% going to get mauled by a drop bear. They can smell fear.
CSGO MM for disabled people.
Stumpsy seems to do alright.
Renegades vs ENCE
gratisfaction is so bad it actually hurts to watch
Vintage Friberg!
Honestly that was just really good to watch from Friberg. Always love seeing him do well
s1mple magic gone?
He used to get rewarded all the time for insanely low percentage plays. Nothing has changed really. Probably just a matter of statistics balancing out.
TenZ mad cringe ffs
Mentally ill.
eu is usa's bitch
Meth is a hell of a drug ay
Girlfriend addicted to clubbing?
Your GF 100% loves being hit on by other dudes and will (if she isnt already) fuck them. No doubt she is quite young and probably damaged. Get yourself a real woman mate. You can't make a hoe a house...
2002 worldcup scandals
Lets not sleep on Roberto Carlos either. Easily one of the best attacking defenders the game has ever seen. Fuck I miss watching good football :(
best series?
LetterKenny. If you haven't found out yet, you will learn how much you love Canadian humor. One of the funniest shows ive watched in a very long time.
All 3 songs sound the exact same, and they are all garbage LOL. Most fuckin boring voice ive ever heard in rap. Nice meme though
nice bug use xyp9x
oh xyp
Smooya's tweet
Smooya is MGK
This major = shit
Just low quality CS atm in the major, its really hard to watch and enjoy. Hopefully it picks up further in the tournament. Atm, as ive said in another post, its a glorified FPL tournament right now.