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delivering your CSGO truths 24/7 brah.
never forget this "legit" play from da plow:
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worst team logo
vp i prefer u create a "best teamlogo" topic since there are some teams that pumped a lot of money into never dying kickass logos, looking at fnatic e.g.! makes u wonder and analyze is if u look clos...
we all know what happened to niko god in mouz, nikosports > couldnt carry in majors > leave. i presume he'll leave in about 3/4months, look at the rest of the team 5/6 kills nex botb topkek😋😋😋
no serious.. hence i quitted this shitgame tbh, they need to either bring out a new CS game or let csgo retire.. with making it free + changing meta and updates 103141243x wont help it gain attention ...
so basically these ppl play cs for decades, get used to spray patterns and shit and all of a sudden retard volvo changes meta to force people to try new weapons, this volvo is so retarded tbh... theyr...
Anders not at the major nice b8 vince fag :)
FaZe vs BIG
+5 especially if ur igl and nex have like 5/6 kills only, now vs shitteams doesnt matter but in major u need everyone as monster, which is not the case so rip bug
BIG vs G2
ez g2
Mcdonalds vs
Players that should retire
forest shox getr taz karrigan zeus.
marriage worth it?
or let ur gf get a spiral and u can fuck non condom 24/7 without her getting 1: pregnant, 2: having her periods, ez win.. do this with my gf for the past 4y
marriage worth it?
marriage worth it?
ye legal marriage is just signing papers (administration) but do u think majority of the ppl do this only? i photographed only 1 wedding in my life where there were only 6 guests on the "wedding", cou...
marriage worth it?
why tf marry anyway? i dont see a difference with people that live together for over 30y and they have old kids, what separates them from the married ones? only a ring......... marriage costs shitload...