delivering your CSGO truths 24/7 brah.
never forget this "legit" play from da plow:
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Asian girls
problem is theyre too hairy, i hate that shit af.. i banged 2 and both hairy down below; best moans tho..
+rain +niko
are you baiting or just retarded? how the hell on earth is that ever happening xDDDD seriously u kids on hltv crack me up every single mo'fuckn time
If Stewie and Tarik leave MIBR
bringing back boltz is like zeus back to navi after whole drama, i even see that happening tbh.. tard brazilians.
Karrigan to C9
STEW -> FAZE BOT KARRIGAN -> C9 wont change shit but lets play around with these guys ahahahahahah
Astralis 3 major Streak
Finally 1 decent 200iq tweet.
Armenian genocide
Ofc they admit?? I got 4 turks at my job they all say “ofc it happened its during war ...many cruelties happened even from their side”. So i dont get ur point.
MARKUS “Two Faced” T...
Voila. This. <3
MARKUS “Two Faced” T...
<3 ui
MARKUS “Two Faced” T...
MARKUS “Two Faced” T...
Ofc we hope hes happy but we all know whos happier atm :D #tothestarss
What tier are you?
Prob 6
MARKUS “Two Faced” T...
Nobody cares what u do device said were still friends but why ignoring us 1d before signing?? Above all nice asking ur dad to lie to avoid signing rofl. Seriously...
Armenian genocide
Either ur 12 non educated or ur b8ing... this topic is same shit as “hey germans fu guys for nazi times and anti semitism”. Grow up kid?! Palestinians can also write this shit about israel. So keep h...
MARKUS “Two Faced” T...
Counting cents now while he could count millions XDD