delivering your CSGO truths 24/7 brah.
never forget this "legit" play from da plow:
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Pro girlfriends
Whoa take it easy with the ritalin son 😘
Pro girlfriends
Okay angry polish dude! 😘
Pro girlfriends
u just repeated what i said? :)
Pro girlfriends
You canadians are usually polite and cock suck friendly :( calm ya tits montreal
Pro girlfriends
Im actually 30+ Now puhlease post your id :))) im curious af. Oh in case ur kiddy eyes cant believe this i can make another pic with my hltv name. Fk...
Pizza hut or dominos?
Hard but i think 50/50... the one that delivers cheaper with like uber eats wins fir me😘
motar2k's gf
i follow her on snapchat bois, ultimate slut ^^ gogo!! french kissin other gals 24.7
Pro girlfriends
Cuz theyre mentally ill..for that amount of money you can have different playboy hos every week... dan bilzerian style. But these nerds are stupid =)
My Tinder ROMANCE Goes On
0/8 =) after reading shes "14-16"
Pro's cars
if i can buy a $40k porsche cayman 2k11, those pros should def be able to buy more awesome shit like r8's or lambos?? all other cars = crap/kiddie like, looking at flamies or ngin's BMW, topkek really...
motar2k gf
omg i follow this hoe on SC, she always french kisses other gals xD 1000% slut alert <33
Countries you respect
i dont care about it as well, because first of all mankind fucked up, and now we're obliged to "fix it again" ?? fuck you in first place then. lets not be hypocrite, if i can fly for 50€ with ryanair,...
New VP Logo
nt with the marketing stunt :) still shit in terms of skill, closed.
Portugal scared to go kadikoy cuz he = portekiz-kafali