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delivering your CSGO truths 24/7 brah.
never forget this "legit" play from da plow:
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Account created: 23.12.2014 Plays CS:GO since: 17.03.2015 ? how is this possible then, ah or u tried it urself too with an old acc? rip then :( im gonna cry now
gimme ur steam id? show me thats impossible tbh, how did my friend start lvl 7 then?? ..... if this is true i might just continue my old faceit acc and search teammates lmao
u sure?? i believe it calculates ur first games? thats weird....
you do know that when u started faceit ur lvl1, and if u know play faceit with a new acc, it calculates ur skill level so u directly join lvl 4/5/6 (depending ur skill) same for csgo, u dont wanna st...
??????? its to start as level 5 directly cuz im sick and tired of kids like you in lvl2/3, and yes i carry them, and no i dont have great teammates, always toxic people so i keep playin in the same ra...
€1500 if C9 wins
no proof so as usual nt kiddo :(
Semmler back
Well Theres no space for him at csgo. U will see sooner or later he’ll backoff. Only “luck” he has is that sadokist fucked up his career so they might give this semmler som jobs. But it wont last long...
Semmler back
For the people that say semmler is awesome: why tf was he absent then?? Got benched for a reason? Get outta here u will never see anders taking a step back from casting cuz hes fuckin top tier Why tf...
Lmao bot tryin to make money from nerds he flames online?? Nt ginger
AVANGAR vs Besiktas
agreed, its not for the same reasons but as u can see, even if they gave women a "chance", they would always end up 0-16, absolutely boring cs right there. they should stfu and enjoy makin free money ...
AVANGAR vs Besiktas
i know but LOOK at the results?? even if volvo allowed male+female mixed events, this would always end in 16-0, basically free money for both male and female teams because they get their salaries anyw...
Besiktas Respect Thread
"i think we should get invited to fpl" zaaz lmao.
AVANGAR vs Besiktas
i have visited turkey like twice in my life and all i can say is that they LOVE spending money on wrong places.. their turkish airline sponsors foreign teams and cups and thus the flights are super ex...
AVANGAR vs Besiktas
exactly this, its like female soccer vs male, now i hope they can stfu forever cuz this is boring cs :)) ♿♿♿♿♿♿♿
Life is too short
DOGS only live 10y +-, tortoises over 200y, life is relative, and quality > quantity u dont wanna live like a plant at 90 rite?? enjoy, stfu and go outside.