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Endpoint vs HONORIS
honoris started competing too early, i feel like they shouldve waited a bit longer with their first matches, now theyre just gonna loose to everyone and mad bettors/kids/salty polish guys/whoever are ...
dust2 vs big few days ago, but theyve only played 3 rounds in that half so i dont think it should count
fnatic vs Spirit
-idisbalance +sh1ro
Major winner Coach
Fifflaren also
Major winner Coach
Nah, im pretty sure that he is looking for major winners who transitioned to coaching after winning
Major winner Coach
Devilwalk, also Smithzz, he is not a coach anymore but used to, and theres fifflaren. Damn it took 2 edits
Liquid vs FURIA
VP lmao
There is a difference here. These players now that playing some roles allows you to get more kills and better stats and some dont. They know that there will always be someone who gets and mvp but they...
VP lmao
it wasnt about the car itself, i mean, they all couldve afford this mercedes by themselves i guess. The problem was that everyone wants to feel appreciated and needed and that wasnt the case there. Wh...
Astralis vs G2
astralis are playing like some top75 hltv teams
Liquid vs FURIA
team lower in rankings picks first in groups. in playoffs its usually a team who finished on lower place in groups picks first. so 1st in group A vs 2nd in group B ---- 2nd in group B picks first
Bye Bye olof
being benched doesnt mean that he is a free agent, he is still contracted just not playing. if u want him in ur team u have to buy him out of his contract
Bye Bye olof
lekr0 isnt either
it should be a little bit more expensive. Make it like 4950. Then it would be harder to buy as u wont have enough for it and kevlar when u have 5400- and thats the amount of money u very often have af...
where is Kjaerbye?
they do, 20% every time they switch, but why did they switch at all? all i mean is- if kjaerbye is soo sick that he couldnt play it is strange that he was on server as a coach-that suggests that he is...