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Holy shit poland
biased,you prolly live in Detroit and cant understand that im not even saying detroit is ugly or worse than katowice.Im only saying that these vids/streams from above doesnt mean shit and doesnt show ...
Holy shit poland
you can find videos like that for every city in the world.Doesnt matter if ppl see it as ugly or not.Its not hard to film a few cuts of a city,edit it,post on youtube with nice music.Everyone will thi...
Holy shit poland
Ye venue is great and i know about the deal.Honestly im just angry that the deal was made with such a shitty city.You would be able to find a proper venue in nicer cities in nicer regions of poland
Holy shit poland
industrial city,nothing to see there.I honestly dont know why they keep hosting events there eh
I hope that kuben is out, Kubik gets his place and neo starts working as an analyst vs LDLC
how do u know?cant find any info on ldlc fb or twitter
EPICENTER - Imperial, Hellraisers.
Ukraine isnt in cis anymore aswell,only hltv and tournament organisers seem to forget about it. Ukraine should play in normal EU quali. Ofc same Goes with lithuania. Now the argument about inviting a ...
rogue new 5th?
slemmy? xd
G2 vs HellRaisers
this was so pathetic from both teams xdd
VP 5th ?
goofy xddd
North vs Rogue
How did this hikos shot connect it was sooo far away XD
ENCE vs eUnited
does any1 know when ence arrived in chicago?
Kinguin vs 3DMAX
That was pathetic from kinguin but 3dmax also had a lot of luck throughout the series
AGO vs Tempo Storm
No way, innocent is joining vp after major So there will be more changes in ts
Gruby VP
He is going to stay in the roster unless he retires,so its fucking obvious he has to be included wtf;u are dumb if you think vp will kick him.And pasha is actually not that bad rifler