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Then it's ex-soviet. CIS was established after the collapse of the Soviet Union
9th May Parade
Tuts Tuts Tuts Quero Ver
Pretty much
Niekas nebetiki Pounh :/
Why does Flusha Trash?
Are you fuck you?
Lithuanians come here
I'm liking this rappist fella
$55 microphone
Yeah, you wanna try to go with a usb, but they're pretty much gonna be 50 bucks plus. This one used to cost 60 so dollars back in the day, but now it's a bit more expensive
SS Kinzu hard to click
What :D
Ask a lithuanian about Lithuania
Okay mate, you clearly have all the knowledge in the world, stay on hltv and continue nagging
Ask a lithuanian about Lithuania
They are working on fixing the salaries and in 2018 medical staff salaries will begin to rise, as stated by the prime minsiter, but my whole point of writing in this forsaken forum is for you to under...
Ask a lithuanian about Lithuania
I wasnt talking about reforms that happened in Lithuania, I was talking about Baltic states, like Estonia. Post-soviet garbage claim is just derogatory, has no value to it. Politically active, don't ...
Ask a lithuanian about Lithuania
There's no such easy solution to fix the low salaries. You can take a look at our neighbouring Baltic states and they have a higher sallaries thanks to the structural reforms they had in their deparme...
Ask a lithuanian about Lithuania
And why is that? Why do you despise them so much? The lack off in the enlightning, medical and social guarantees department, for me, is the saddest thing of all, but that in no way means our govermen...
Ask a lithuanian about Lithuania
Why did I go to these forsaken forums... you're also the same lad who made the Lithuania cs thread, good luck with your ramblings...
Ask a lithuanian about Lithuania
Realistic? Calling goverment "Faggots" and "Because nothing else can grow in this shitty land..." :DD