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FAV KEBAB ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????
kebabpizza with white sauca and onions
Yugoslavian ask anything
Albanian transgender Leninists are the best.
Yugoslavian ask anything
You are not completely wrong, but I would like to say that most people are not at all concerned with their nation's identity - we live in an era of individualism.
Yugoslavian ask anything
What is this copy/paste from Wikipedia supposed to prove?
Yugoslavian ask anything
It partly did, but I'd say it was patriotism of the general public rather than nationalism, even though the breakup was led by extreme nationalists on both sides. You have to understand that the peop...
Yugoslavian ask anything
Don't forget the protests and tensions in pretty much ALL communist/socialist countries during the late 80s and early 90s. Do people really think it's a coincidence that Yugoslavia fell apart within 5...
Yugoslavian ask anything
Fucking diaspora lmao. Bet you can't even speak a word of Slovene/Serbocroatian/Macedonian. Also, let me break down your post and elaborate. >No, real people with honor in life, want yugoslavia back....
Yugoslavian ask anything
No, only the poorest and dumbest want Yugoslavia back, since back then we were united in hardship and that gave a sense of community and well-being to the people. The truth is, even the poor today ar...
Yugoslavian ask anything
>It is, i am from country that used to be part from Yugoslavia too, but i can tell that (almost) every single person dreams about making Yugoslavia real again. poor retard detected
i guess ur rank
You think 112 IQ is considered intelligent? 50% of the population is between 90 and 110 IQ.
Im on the egde
I study what I enjoy and get $400 a month but I'm still depressed. I'm getting off speed so that's probably why, ha.
Are you under 180cm? haHAA
I can lift you while you're lifting a tank on your cock with my left nipple
Are you under 180cm? haHAA
I'm 312cm 193kg, bench Golf 1.9 TDI
[+18] drugs you've tried
Oh I know, coke is usually 20-40% pure here. Speed is even worse at 5-10%, if you get 20% it's great shit.
[+18] drugs you've tried
I'd rather have good weed than good coke... much less likely to ruin my life... and ordering good coke online is much easier than ordering weed.