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germans and astralis
Denmark is North Germany, that's why.
Astralis .. REALLY?
For me it's more about how you do something, not what you do. This is a game, and games are supposed to be fun and for me just playing the percentage game isn't fun. For instance take the AWP playstyl...
Astralis .. REALLY?
True. If all you care about is efficiency and end result. Personally I like entertaining matches that sway back and forth, the end result is secondary.
Astralis .. REALLY?
Yes Astralis is boring to watch and I stand by that opinion. You're welcome to have another opinion. They are no doubt the best team now, they have very good coordination and as such it is very hard ...
Yeah, only Ence left that's any fun to watch.
Liquid hype
lvl 7 female faceit player claims to be pro
+1 Although it's more sad and disgusting than hilarious...
lvl 7 female faceit player claims to be pro
If that is actual fact, you would be right. But that's hardly all that's behind the "reaction" here.
R8 Girl
13 != woman
lvl 7 female faceit player claims to be pro
She's good. Pretty sad to see so many guys threatened by a good gaming girl to hate to make shitty sexist jokes. I would like more girls and women in gaming, the garbage attitude of most little insecu...
R8 Girl
Not a woman pedo.
Sad for Guardian
Just like all players in FaZe, he needs a good IGL, all players in FaZe have the potential to become beasts again, they just need someone that can unlock their potential (again).
Favorite Ak-47 skin?
Mostly the ones with wood, AK should have wood. I have a Black Laminate right now.
best ace ever?
Mine's better:
Dupreeh Cheating!!!
Didn't snap to the enemy and didn't shoot at the enemy.