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GTX 770 to 1070
im for competition but i also think youre exaggerating. ryzen is only "owning" intel because of the price. the relevant chip in comparison is the 6900k which is better in games and multithreading but ...
Rip Sweden :(
but in real world there are consequences. i agree with that.
Rip Sweden :(
im talkling about the ones who were killed. where did i campaing. maybe you are talking about politicians but sadly no one of them will ever get killed by terrorists
Rip Sweden :(
what do you mean by country? because im sure these people didnt do anything other than trying to live their shitty little lives and have some peace.
EX-Muslim AMA
nah you were not aggressive but ive experienced it. i agree its fine to want the best for your brothers and sisters but i feel like what people( not you specifically) should do instead is try to under...
EX-Muslim AMA
why do you want him to come back? i dont understand why a lot of muslims want to spread islam and the values that go along, now turkish politicians even talk about dschihad again in 2017. a mature hum...
EX-Muslim AMA
thats what i dont understand man. everyone should respect personal decisions you make as a mature human being. if its wrong god will punish you after youre dead but nobody alive should have to deal wi...
FER Pussy
Really good my man they are unbeatable in this bitch
Device overrated af
Device overrated af
bringin up mouz because he has a german flag? they are not a german team
thats the most important lesson we should learn from this election. media is corrupt and only a tool to form opinions. news and media are a great concept, of course humans have to ruin it
Anti-Trump Protests
what do you hope to achieve? spend your time with something else you want to do
Anti-Trump Protests
what are they protesting? you dont quite seem to get what hes trying to say with that, because hes right.