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black hole photos
Thanks! :)
black hole photos
Well, I'm just an enthusiast of those things and I may be wrong, but isn't event horizon the same thing what I described in "part two" of my post? All we know about black hole are events behind it.
black hole photos
How is that even possible? I always thought that making a photo of black hole is impossible due to the fact, that it absorbs everything including light. Observing black holes is all about watching tar...
abbey > vertigo
I wouldn't hate it if this map was finished and tested on competitive level. AUG updates were really good and they definitely brought something fresh to this game. AWP nerf and introducing new inferno...
abbey > vertigo
Vertigo is shit - awp is useless, - best t spawn on b stairs is better than ct, I get insta hs enetering there trying to smoke it off, - elevator jump is the most op position ever. Ez 2k in the back w...
why is weed illegal?
Dude, if you think that cocaine/speed/heroine aren't harmful you are the brainwashed one. Have you ever seen people acting after taking this shit for too long?
Best CSGO duo
My dick and hole in the wall
Astralis top 2
I actually think that they are the closest to win against astalis.
send tv series or u gay
Peaky Blinders
Headset Purchase
Just watch some official matches. Most of pros use Cloud II or Cloud Alpha.
Best beer
When I was in Nottingham I went to pub called "Ye olde trip to Jerusalem". I've read this is the oldest pub in Enlgand and one of the oldest in Europe. They make their own stouts and porters inside th...
Guardian>>>>kennys. Yes yes, kenny was godlike but you mention 2014. 2014 was 5 years ago dude. He's not that good anymore since then, Guardian is more consistent, he's on hltv top 20 list every year,...
katowice ugly?
Katowice is one of the most ugly cities in Poland.
I am sorry what?
Well it's not even on the same spot where Pollo was standing.....
most overrated player