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Singularity vs ATK
8-of-10 players are wearing the same jersey in the matchup photos.
Liquid vs Renegades
After 30 attempts, nitr0 finally managed to have impact with dualies.
Liquid vs Singularity
Stewie just indirectly confirms how absolute trash-tier their Overpass is at the moment
Liquid vs Singularity
May be time for TL to start playing Train if their Overpass is like this.
Liquid vs Singularity
Prior to the player break, TL were the best in the world on this map. ... Since then, they're now like 2-6 on the map and getting banged out by errrrbody.
Riot CSGO Competitor
Until these games actually develop/support the modding community, they will be nothing but shitty closed knockoffs. ... In that light, Valve have done a really shit job at (or not enough in) suppor...
FURIA vs Cloud9
Probably the best series this team has played. Bout time
Liquid vs ATK
Because when device does it, he owns.
Complexity vs eUnited
At this point Shahzam needs a change of scenery, and at this point who knows where that could be (MDL?). He's a completely known quantity as a player: insanely streaky, sometimes in his own bubble/hea...
Evil Geniuses vs Cloud9
Also need to consider that it seems like C9 have just as many coaches, managers, and auxiliary staff as they do fucking players.
Evil Geniuses vs Cloud9
When they initially announced this C9 roster, I did not think it would work. Team has way too many of the same player. I don't think I've seen a series from them that convinces me otherwise.
Evil Geniuses vs Cloud9
I hope posts like these catch on, lol.
Evil Geniuses vs Complexity
The best thing for RUSH was a change in scenery. Although, it's still something like 2 years since he has played on a stable roster.
Evil Geniuses vs Complexity
Depends how far back you want to go, e.g., Ghost 11-4'ing them on Inferno. Tyloo 12-3'ing them on Overpass. Rogue were up something like 8-2/8-1 at the FaceIt major against Astralis too. Astralis won...
Cloud9 vs eUnited
It'd be nice if the NA EPL matches were at a time convenient for people who live in NA. These post-midnight start times are rough for us east coasters.