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Liquid -adreN
TL.OCEAN ... One of the greatest CS minds in NACS; make it happen.
Liquid -adreN
TL haven't been fucking around, sheeesh
HLTV Forums Shutting Down
Hopefully match threads & comments don't get taken away, everything else should be fair game for destruction
Liquid GRIM
TL have been stagnant for quite a while now, crazy times.
FURIA vs Liquid
I'm still not convinced Furia can replicate their current form online on LAN. ... One of the few playstyles that even gives myself some reservation.
fRoD defends leaf
At this point, it's pretty much given gaules is an asshat.
I haven't been following the CS scene *that* closely lately, but he has had tryouts in the past. Not entirely sure what's up
Everyone has been saying this for years at this point. He's insane.
Leaf cheating for sure
None of those clips were blatant enough either, literally nothing that can't be described by a 16 year old who has been playing CS 24/7 during the entire quarantine.
It also helps that Furia have one of the most online-friendly playstyles.
Gen.G vs Evil Geniuses
I don't think I've ever been cock teased that badly before.
source code leaked
do you know the date of that leak? not that i'm asking for them or anything
Cloud9 vs Envy
The only redeeming point is that ryann possibly could've been talking over the plant, otherwise that's one of those all-time brain dead plays.
Linux users come here
Linux has been my primary OS for most of my entire computing life. However, recently I've just been using Windows & WSL2. In general I think GNU/Linux is just the superior OS... Well, besides some sp...