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5 km running
I think that's a mistake a lot of people make, imo. Should be switching up your aerobic v. anaerobic running often.
5 km running
I often go through these cycles where I hit cardio pretty heavily for an extended period of time. Its been this way for >5 years, so I have a pretty good grasp on when I feel like I'm stagnating. Once...
crosshair for 1024x768
On stretched, usually have draw-outline with thickness set to 0 or 0.5. It'll only outline the left half of the crosshair (due to math) and even out the number of pixels. On stretched I've always bee...
5 km running
Well, I do it six days a week. Unless it's crazy hot out, then I'll do it on the treadmill (which is cheating).
5 km running
Do I get a double congratulations for doing double that? 10km in under 50 minutes.
overrated movies ?
It says a lot about how *amazing* The Godfather is that it was filmed in 1972 and still holds up almost fifty years later.
Top 3 ugliest languages
(((((LISP ((is) (a))) ((beautiful) (language))))))
eUnited vs compLexity
Shahzam trying to peek middle in a 5v4 and dying (which he does quite often) really swung the momentum of this half.
eUnited vs compLexity
Whenever EU try to default, they're running into an AWP or both. When they run something fast, they are running through full nadesets (and molly x3). Hate to see it.
TeamOne vs Dignitas
The plant was fine if mch didn't pussyfoot his post plant. Not sure why he is snax, when he should be B-main, or checkers, or behind box, edit: or even under heaven. The plant was being made for him,...
TeamOne vs Dignitas
Dignitas rotations have been pretty shitty all half, but big ptr is all the way up.
Ghost vs Fam143
Yeah, it has always been that way too (dating to the beginning of competitive CS). ... CEVO (and faceit to some extent) used to be mint at broadcasting deadtalk, or having their demos record dead ta...
Erdogan is taking more control over monetary policy, believes interest rates are the work of the devil, investors fear Turkey will turn into another Venezuela. Trump gives zero fucks and pours salt i...
Favorite Burger Joint or Type
Shroom Burger from Shake Shack legit shits on anything FiveGuys or In-n-Out.
IEM Chicago
The event is being held at McCormick Place. Relativity safe area (not as safe as the suburbs) in the North. ... Just need to avoid Fuller Park/Engelwood, likely get shot if you're in those areas.