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[CIS only] Best caster duo?
ya hz smotrel tol'ko ruhub i ucc v poslednee vremya ucc norm no u nih blyat kartaviy kommentator sidit a ruhub v principe molchat na strimah a simpla budto kto-to eshe smorit mertvii igrok LUL
[CIS only] Best caster duo?
chel, ya po-russki napisal, chtobi ponyatno bilo, chto ya znayu russkii i ves' rucast skuchnii do pizdi i huli ti na aggressichah to
[CIS only] Best caster duo?
rebyata na off angl translyacii shutyat smeshno a rus stream pomoika
Heroic vs GODSENT
Heroic 2-0
is HLTV right-leaning or left-leaning
right-leaning obv
r8 stupidity
can we just ignore them? actually i predict black race being banned from existence in 2023
trading RL items for CSGO skins?
only black market skins like blackholes are good but battle pass skins are not worth selling
trading RL items for CSGO skins?
rocket league worth nothing eventually the only thing you can trade them for is 0.01 dota skins
Make good 'Volcano eSports' logo and win €5 in csgo skins
im a master painter check this out
Rank GTA games
1. GTA 5 2. San andreas 3. Vice city stories 4. Liberty city stories 5. GTA 3
Legit Actual New Rankings
they destroyed g2 earlier so i think they'll reach semifinals and gain a position
Legit Actual New Rankings
1-vita 2-navi 3-g2 4-big 5-fnatic 6-faze 7-complexity 8-eg 9-furia 10-astralis
r8 my house track
sorry but these voices are out of place for me i think you should leave the last part how it was originally but add something to the first 50 seconds