Top HLTV memer and an oldfag. Fan of teams with character. Faceit lvl 10, obviously.
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Furia is utter shit
Played with him a few times on faceit as he is my friend's friend, he is really really chill and a good player :)
Navi domination
S1mple losing to jermans... smh my head
HLTV RESTORED 1.6 STATS Finally people can see how NEO was consistently great for 9 years :D
Team South
What do you expect from washed up players with no motivation? Young blood is better and more hungry for success. The pressure is now on old guys to perform. New days have come, look at Gambit. Look at...
hltv rates you as a player
Your rank : I don't play mm, faceit lvl 10 Your "Role" : Depends on the team and map, when I was playing in semi-pro team I was a support, on pugs I guess I am AWPing and entrying the most, depending ...
PGL Major
If NAVI wins the major, B1t will be the 2nd player in history with 100% major winrate (1st is ofc FNX)
GGWP, Heroic
Great series. I missed the 1st map, but Overpass and Nuke were just a pure pleasure to watch. GGWP and congrats to Navi, nice try Heroic. Thanks for a great series :)
wtf devve
He looks like half device half dickstacy WTF
Pizza rating
margherita and cappriciosa the bestest pizzas
Heroic update
I call bullshit. "Yeah, I didn't want their money, so I didn't take it". Sure buddy, they just didn't want to sponsor Heroic anymore. Nobody refuses money. Unless he has some BIG BIG BIG sponsorship a...
cadian broke his knee
In the full clip you can see he is okay, if something happened he would be screaming in pain, but he just drove away on his chair in a bit of pain so no way he did something serious.