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Top 3 cities in your country
Cov's doing pretty shit nowadays, homeless people around every corner and a bunch of stabbings shootings going on in hillfields/far gosford. Besides that, the place is pretty neat.
+18 sex advice
Your ebay account is a scam. Anyone with more than 2 brain cells can figure that out. You ain't got no real reviews nor products
+18 sex advice
Yes, one simply buys 16 pages of fake ebay reviews just for a laugh. Scamming ain't the way to go bro
+18 sex advice
Worst place to advertise shit bruh. All of your reviews are fake, the only real one is that you didn't finish the website and had it refunded lmao.
R8 my Choice[Help]
Banned soon for fake service advertising, fuck off scummy asshole
+18 R8 Bikini
Fake reviews pal! :)
[HELP] Wireless gaming mouse
that shape is unbeatable
[HELP] Wireless gaming mouse
Thanks for the advices guys! I'll sit on your suggestions and update with my choice/review the mouse if someone's interested :)
[HELP] Wireless gaming mouse
[HELP] Wireless gaming mouse
Response time went down to a couple ms! That essentially eliminates the whole difference :)
[HELP] Wireless gaming mouse
Thanks! I'll look into it! It is a bit of an older mouse, and I've heard the wireless performance increased tremendously recently. What mouse are you on right now?
[HELP] Wireless gaming mouse
XD I'd just buy and apple mouse in that case
[HELP] Wireless gaming mouse
oh fuck man, that went deep quick. If I need a machine to survive then fuck it, let it be bluetooth powered!
[HELP] Wireless gaming mouse
A little over my budget :S I'll sit on it and see if there's any discounts/sales coming up! Thanks for advice
[HELP] Wireless gaming mouse
Do you own one? If so, how is it?