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"kobe? who is that?"
not to mention, even if you're just a young kid who spent his life playing CS and never paying attention to the outside world at all, there's even the fucking KOBE meme in CS lol.
Yang 2020
his only obstacle is the dem primary really. He's the biggest favorite to beat Trump 1v1 based on actual betting odds. It's sad that the DNC doesn't see this or care.
Real country tiers (all countries)
Japan, Germany, South Korea tier 3 with Uruguay...
Believe what you want. I just hope others actually read that study and many, many others.
Right, so the blacks that scored an average of 6 IQ points higher in 2002 vs. blacks in 1972 are just genetically superior?
Let me just preface this entire post by saying I'm talking about "averages" as this entire discussion is about averages. I just don't want someone to reply with "I know an Asian immigrant that ISN'T e...
I absolutely agree with "just helping people" but you sound exactly like someone who never took a single history and/or economics course in high school, let alone college, or it's possible you're just...
Navi > liquid so bad.
either that, or more likely that Liquid would've tried harder like they did on Mirage when the game was on the line. The point is you don't know what would have happened. Also if you understand actual...
Navi > liquid so bad.
the fact that Nav'i won the 2nd map does not mean that would have happened guaranteed if nav'i won the first map. That's not how reality works at all.
S1mple right or wrong?
not sure if trolling or lived in mom's basement whole life... those sports have more money in them because they are more POPULAR - this is a market economy and money revolves around fanbase ONLY, and ...
S1mple right or wrong?
ok fine, that sounds like a preference though. Just say you prefer football/basketball over boxing/tennis next time (not literally).