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I'm just the average gamer who likes to spend time and money on rather useless things like skins and steam levels.
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Post your awp/ak and i r8 it!
nt fakeflagger
show steam profile
Pros knives
Flip knife -> Guardian
your steam lvl ?
136 at the moment. Going above 140 during this sale.
xmas sale
And once again the stupidity of the 7 day trade ban will be proven. Why? It won't be easy to get rid of the duplicates, and you will get them for sure.
Steam Mystery Cards - Holiday Sale
They are what they are, the name says it all. As the holiday sale has not begun yet, the cards are "Mysterious". It has been like this every sale since the snow globes in 2013 were introduced. The ...
Inventory value?
Around 850$ at the moment. Best skin: M9 doppler FN phase 3
44 kills and lost AMA
I once had a retard with -1-19 when the match ended. But honestly I think he did it on purpose. He just walked towards walls and did nothing + TK'ed one teammate Tried to kick several times, but n...
CS:GO Inventory value
I don't trust csgobackpack either anymore. Using my own inv as an example here. csgobackpack: 766$ 834$ And to confirm this, I calculated the value of all items (using the lowest m...
NA Scene
+1 The org may be from NA, but the players are NOT.
how colorblind are u?
516 on the first attempt.
free skins
You think nobody will notice the "ref" part? Bad b8 0/8 vs Liquid
I won't be surprised if VP loses this.