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just turn off VPN dumb
Finest vs Infinite
report finest for 322 throw plz , fucking dogs
Natus Vincere vs FaZe
faze bots just leave from server and run away from Cologne , fucking shame bots
Mythic vs X13
Slugy clutchmachine , respect man , u carry fl0m's ass so hard at 1st map
Sprout vs Enterprise
srsly? this sprout have fans? its the most unstable team i ever seen , they had chance to full comeback and they lost vs 5 pistols .... typical germans throwers , nothing special
BIG vs
big joke clan throw already winning game again and again what a newbs
MIBR vs Renegades
this mibr cant end without OT's any games while they lead 5-6 rounds.... wtf ??? why so bad
Spirit vs MIBR
mibr ahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhaha
Bad News Bears vs mousesports
BNB back to USA bots , all what u cant just winning vs tier5 NA noobs like u
mouz NXT vs SKADE
u right man , this betting make me psycho( btw unreal comeback , respect skade
mouz NXT vs SKADE
its hard to know when they want win and throw;( they can beat every1 if they want , same as loss
mouz NXT vs SKADE
bulgarian shit throw games everyday like this mirage and nobody care and nobody ban them? are u fucking serious? its fucking joke 100% fixmatch and they doing this every fucking day
SKADE vs Entropiq
blya vi daje viigrannie igri proebivaete , eto pizdec naskolko nado bit' botami nestabilnimi 4tob postoyanno ne dovodit' igri do konca ebu4ie pomoiki
Fiend vs Young Ninjas
after 16-4 cowards from nip getting 2 rounds on most default map in csgo ever.... typical bots