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Chaos vs Rugratz
rugratz fucking sons of dogs , lost vs 2 full eco rounds , lost every round with was 5v3 5v4 lost 3v1 4v2 fucking animals stop playing csgo
Chaos vs Rugratz
who care about nuke lol , this noobs cant play this game and still on hltv... hltv is shit nowadays with teams full of newbs
Chaos vs Rugratz
fucking Rugratz , how can u lose vs full ecos' 2+ time in 1 match? why this retards is on hltv? WHYYYYYYYY
AVEZ vs Galaxy Racer
sweden animals cant play T side on train? hAhAHahhaahahah why dont u ban this map morons if u fucking tier100 plebs
Sharks vs DETONA
not much but i bet over 26.5 score was 9-10 and they couldnt get 2 rounds for 6 rounds?? xD
Sharks vs DETONA
Sharks sons of whores if u cant play vertigo, why u cant ban it? Stupid monkey FUCK YOU 9-10 9-16 fucking bots disband
New England Whalers vs TeamOne
whalers thx for throw , hope u die by corona . its too hard to win 1 round as T side , ofc team one>furia... fucking sons of whores
North vs Gambit
danish bots
North vs Gambit
wp North , playing 100 years , training in great stadium and cant win half mix team AHHAHA D I S BAND NERDS
Illuminar vs PACT
ahahah iluminar lost 4v2 with planted bomb in key round for game winning HAHAHAHHAHAHA polish 322 continue plz dont stop polska festival of negotiated matches
Sharks vs BOOM
shsark got 2 rounds by 1st side and lost vs 5 pistols on second side after pistol winning :DDD what a trash team AHHAHAHAHAH ur fans love u (no)
AVEZ vs sAw
another polish dogs , polish cs disband all teams and play Among Us only PLZ