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its a piece of shit overrated ass motherfukn game it gets way more praise than it fuken deserves it doesnt deserve any fukin praise youre either a 12 yo little fagget or a fukin pussy playing this game pretending to like this shit becuz its in the competitive scene this game is such a piece of trash i fell for that shit people say this game is actually really fun you can play it online its like the old school games and shit you need skill for this shit haha this game is a piec of trash dude first off it looks like a xbox game from 2004 it looks like trash and the community im gonna keep this one short cuz i dont wanna waste my time on this motherfuking piece of shit game im never playn this again dude i played this longer than 2 hours so i cant even refund this shit but this wouldve been the game i would have refunded so gay so fuking gay the times ur ahead of other people where u actually doing good and your ontop of the fukin list u get ur ass booted and the end of the fuking game they kick your ass right before the game ends so u get no exp no nothing this is the community right there they misuse their fuking kick option which is just gay by itself this is fukn call of duty for pc dude painted guns painted fukn knifes ive seen that shit dude ur guys all a bunch of faggets for pretending to fukn like this game dude screaming 12 yo little bitches on the mic dude bunch of fuking retarded coksuckers those are the peopl that play this fukn game the competitive scene are are a bunch of fukin aderall junkies weve all seen that shit before this game is a piece of trash dude overrated overhyped it fuking sucks dick dude its a collective bunch of faggets playing call of duty on pc pretending its a good game dude fuck this game thats all i have to say about this piece of shit seriously tho it sucks u know what else its a camper game its a fuking corner peeking game all u do is sit in a corner look at another fuking corner and wait for somebody to show up around the fuking corner this game is a piec of trash dude keep pretending this game is the shit keep acting like this game is better than every other fuking game out there better than every other shooter ur a fuking elite player when u play counterstrike go fuk this game dude this game is gay beyond fuking believe its big titted fuking whores playing this shit on twitch and other fuking adderal junkies playing in the competitive scene this why this shit is big because its one of the most played games on twitch thats the only moterfucking reason dude becuz they set up competitions that people actually watch its shit to watch its even more shit to play the community dude if i could i would wipe my ass with you motherfuckers all day long trust me on that fucking shit if u ve played this game give me ur honest opinion on this shit dont be a sheep and go with the mass pretending this is better than call of duty shitting on call of duty while ur playing this shit game pink orange fuking guns and all that are you fuking kidding me dude bunch of hipster cunts playing this piece of shit game go play ur fagget ass game like i said its a bunch of fuking hipsters dude look at these fuking guys playing this on twitch their either junkies hipsters or fuking asseaters thats all they are fuck all these guys pretending its a skill based game are you fucking kidding me dude are you kidding me if there ever is a fuking twitch shooter type game then this is the fucking one its looking at fucking corners you see this shit in the competitions dude these motherfuckers jumping with their sniper rifles looking over fuking boxes waiting to see a head and then shoot its the gayest fukn game ever skill my fukin ass dude get outta here with this piece of shit game im never playing this shit dude i deleted this shit i contacted fuking valve to fuking remove this shit from my list of games cuz i dont wanna look at this pice of trash anymore dude this is the worst overhyped piece of shit motherfukkin game out there on steam dude and im not even joking fuck this game
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