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USA Mass Shootings MYTH
that's literally wrong lmao
Electronic music underrated
>Music is not just art my square headed fella, music is also a science. You never learned it in school? You can't put random notes together with a fake drumming and call it music, fool. Art is creatin...
Explain the Trump Wall
The issue isn't whether a wall works or not cause it 100% does. The issue is whether the wall is cheaper in the long run than funding even more border patrol agents, drone operators, helicopters, tran...
RLewis must be stopped
>everyone in dota loved Dota >they got in a fight >now people hate richard cause he had an argument with loda >therefore my story is true cause fan favorite is automatically right oh damn of course h...
RLewis must be stopped
guess ur just gonna rewrite history then fine
it's a parody before all the retards go mental
100Thieves sticker
to give anyone else an idea with titan, if i remember right i sold off my shares for about 70$ the following morning, if i had sold few hours earlier in the night, i would've made almost twice that. t...
KNg the most unlucky person?
as soon as the tweet went out RL and possibly thorin as well but i'm not sure, told him he should remove it because it could be considered homophobic. they literally warned him and did not delete the ...
gambit turkish ?
kng went apeshit at him when he made a joke like how can people be so deluded and retarded to even pretend like it's thorin's fault. the twins need to start telling him to get a grip cause you can't b...
pretty sure they scheduled it so they could fit 8 matches in a day
twitch is pathetic
personality im not saying they have personality i don't watch them but yeah that's like the reason. btw forsen is former pro, an soda has been streaming before twitch was a thing
Trump prevented terror attack in Russia
what the fuck are you on about the article doesn't say it's thanks to trump. looks like the sight of trump triggered your TDS
10 to 20 minutes ago BTP reported that one person was lightly injured by the stampede but no-one else was reported injured. haven't found anyone to arrest either. So it could be a big case of false al...
Low-end computer upgrade
hard drives are easily damageable if you start moving them or if you kick your rig or something. Cause the reading pin thing can scrape the surface of the drive. SSDs are just chips and shit but bad S...