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Farvelas and Coldzera
R8 Underage girl
Is that your sister? so mad
Do you rage?
Do you take notes every time you rage? wtf
device overrated
Time and time again i see people like you thinking that only entry fraggers have impact on the game, people can be excellent players without going 25-21 like someone like simple, people like coldzer...
Do you rage?
I slam the table here and there, and sometimes rage on the mic (only when im really pissed). I tend to do that when i play like dog shit.
fail finals
fakeflaging? Me passa o link dessa sua pesquisa, quando eu falo maioria, não significa 90% da população. E eu sei que negros chegam a quase 60% no brasil por que eu estudei isso na faculdade.
TACO HACKs unveiled
I must admit, I thought it was only a bait, but this is really fucking legit.
fail finals
Guess what retard, there are other 4 fucking regions in brazil, go on the internet and search for the amount of people that are black and brown in all other regions.
fail finals
i feel like black people just dont play games as much, even though they are the majority in brazil
resolution problems
Dragon lore first, help later
Your excuse sitting at home on this beautiful day?
You dont get rich by reading books, you will realize it when the only job you can find is at McDonalts.
Your excuse sitting at home on this beautiful day?
Lg Ts
Waiting on smokes is not so bad when you consider they swapped for a map that cant barely run above 150 fps for most people, and not even that, hasnt being tested or even tweaked at all since it came ...
Racism/hate in HLTV
Why the fuck would you even waste your time by clicking on hltv threads? Mostly of the kids here don't even understand the pro scene's basic, and the huge majority of them are just shitposting for the...