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Taking German next year
it's not "confusing" anything, i'm perfectly aware of the rules surrounding german spelling and grammar. as i've previously explained, i chose not to adhere to them out of personal convenience. sure, ...
Taking German next year
yeah you're right actually, my bad :)
Astralis vs OpTic
Taking German next year
making baseless assumptions such as that shows you have no intelligence or comprehension skills, whatsoever. i'm not a native speaker and never use german outside of one university class, so i have ne...
astralis is huge disappointment
the €€€ made them lazy :(
Taking German next year
reiss dich zusammen, ich lerne seit fuenf Monat. ich weiss muss mein Deutsch uben. no need to be mad. :)
Taking German next year
that's pretty cool, never knew about that. thanks!
Taking German next year
Taking German next year
not overall yeah, just that aside from norwegian/swedish I can't really think of something that's easier for a native english speaker specifically. I've heard persian is easy but I have no experien...
Taking German next year
yeah, english keyboards don't have keys with umlauts + i'm too lazy to remember to write the "e" everytime. when I write german essays @ university I can just insert the symbol in microsoft word, so c...
Taking German next year
Probably one of the easier ones yeah. The thing that annoyed me most initially was trying to learn the word order, for the first few months I kept just trying to translate the words to english without...
UK bank account
wtf why is that even a thing
g400s replacement
Fellow (ex)g400s user here. There is nothing that can replace a g400s, i'm sorry. I find a lot of people that recommend ergonomic mice like the ec1/2 or deathadder have absolutely no idea what they're...
is it a plain black qck?
Eurovision 2016
Sad iceland didn't get through. Also imo the finnish entry wasn't that bad, when I heard the song initially it was quite good, she was just singing out of tune while performing live which sucked. H...