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Islam is an religion of peace+proofs [16+]
have u read quoran yet,that book is like hitler's book which i dont remember the name
Remove VP from major
unlike other teams,VP know when to try hard.TaZ pasha and neo have their families and all these domestic shit.Why would they try at some online meme tournament?
"Pedophile" AMA
your past criminal records says a lot about you and having a 16 year old gf for whatever reason doesnt help either and Im pretty sure those prison people arent mature,because if they are,they wouldn'...
C9 - why ? :(
C9 are reddit tier SK are favelas tirer both needs to kill themselves asap
Why SK GAMING is still #1
stop spamming fucking favelas every non-retard autist knew this
Shox was the problem lmfaoaoaoa
Motivation is all shox need.He's rock star kind of player
G2 Envy Shuffle
shox > anyone on nV but in lurker role hes better than Happy Smithzz < KennyS Scream < apEX Rpk> NBKuck bodyyyyyyyyyyyyy > Devil
m0e and shahzam are shit person and shit players in general tarik is a good player for NA standard s1mple is a great player and a shit person
fnx back to cocaine and parties
fnx can easily fuck any women he wants too tbh he looks stylish af
Munich shooter profile
what is this new meme sb explain pls
-Edward +s1mple Confirmed
if NaVi kicked someone it must be Zeus,since he isnt IGL anymore and his fragging power aint great anymore.Zeus is still a king of meme though rofl.Edward is the best player of NaVi at Cologne
Astralis vs Dignitas
way to go xyp,show why youre on this team
his aim aint that bad and hes smart af.cs isnt all about aiming
Fox vs Chrisj
fox cuz he doesnt suck dicks on LAN
Unpopular Opinion
nV are literally put him in every single role to make him work,and Happy literally sacrifice his IGL/lurking for him.NBK gave up anchor B for him.Its just the matter of time before Nv kicked him