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Renegades vs SK
If your cheats cant get caught in LAN then why not use them online with half million prize pool like in this league???
Renegades vs SK
Yes! Because cheaters cheat on LAN because it's so fucking ez to cheat on LAN but Online is too hard... Definitely not because of the standin nope!
Kick pyth
His 'tactics' meant they got shit on every single T side and never won anything, wholleee lot better
Kick pyth
It's almost like you weren't around during the FeTish era and are some HLTV retard who doesn't know how much Karrigan helps the team.
Before referendum £1 was = $1.50 now it's fucking =$1.32. That isnt worth more in a damn way
best awper at whiffing in 6 of 7 maps smh
Zelin Mutiris Fox Coldzera Fallen if youre only gonna use 3/5 Portuguese players
Polish in Dubai and arab country
you okay in the head man?
"Bernie is more electable"
Yeah nothing free like giving all your money to the rich ain't free but having it invested into universities like the entirety of Scandinavia with their 10x better system but you guys are in denial. ...
Why are ppl mad at smurfs?
Why are they mad that I dont let them get better I dont know 4Head. I think 3 years ago people were better than global now 4Head. 4Head I am good 4Head.
NOT Koosta's FAULT
Ask S 1 M P L E vs FaZe
During their slump where they'd be destroyed and he wouldnt be able to afford an awp the entire game? Yeah he does pretty damn poorly. How about check all other players on the team see their stats are...
mfw body aimlock and defo not holding smoke from bank kek. teammate holding his left so he holds trash kek lmayooo and then he aims at head height and that = aimlock it was so l0ckkkkedddd he rekttt p...
FalleN whining
Tempo storm qualified DH Malmo Katowice and the Qualifier to the Major and made quarter finals of Katowice. That's fucking why TSM got invited... He raised this team from the ground Im mad and Im a b...
C9 will never beat fnatic in a major and hasnt made it out of group stages in the longest time. They have also had a roster change since. Current Fnatic is stronger than the last one and I watched tha...