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no I'm not a fakeflagger ;), uk scene will be top one day...
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Are you a patriot of your country?
What are you on about? Individualism is being destroyed by leftists all over Europe and the US in favour of collectivism... Individualism isn’t related at all with selfishness, it’s about treating o...
leftist =/= being left wing
how can simple shoot himself?
s1mple is overrated
" a couple", the idiocy in this thread is laughable
British Monarchy
does Napoleon have a descendent?
LUL Retard Lewis threatened to quit show LUL
blame others for actions YOU decided to take, kid desperate for attention
LUL Retard Lewis threatened to quit show LUL
This guy only posted the messages after Richard started to get mad at him, and in the messages he says posting them to reddit would be scummy... and then posts/leaked them anyway
AUG one hit head shot at close range, just don't use scope and then no one can complain that you are a COD kid...
Respect them for what? They did what they should have done but wasted 5 minutes hoping the admins would give them the round first... Almost any other top team would have replayed that round
Lurppis retard?
Seemed like a really sensible and interesting conversation to me, what is your problem exactly? Are you too dumb to follow so you just call others stupid?
is this comment section actually serious? its just a panic shot up onto the boost because he thought he was gunna be taken down. And he didn't even hit the shot, he always has this shaky aim in high ...
VP will win the major
If the major was for pubg, maybe.
[18+] Fucked a muslim girl yesterday
"racial stigma"... he is condemning the fact that OP said family would harm her. Islam isn't a race, and it is also one of the most oppressive ideologies in the modern world. Clear bait comment thou...
[18+] Fucked a muslim girl yesterday
Calling that racist is ignoring the millions of oppressed women in Arabic countries. But hey ho gota virtue signal to show how progressive you are...
k1o girlfriend Yeah real great "model" there...