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Things you would die for?
tfw you actually need to clarify that it's in a video game
gym routine
Lmao at isolated tricep day. Just do triceps with chest and where tf is back day? I'd do biceps in back day but hey do whatever you want men)))
Taking breaks
Took a break, never came back. Best decision of my life
close is not enough, you need the W liquid is currently 11-1 in maps to navi in the past year so it's safe to say navi is not even comparable
lmao wut navi hasn't beaten liquid in like forever and they've played alot
It doesn't matter preparing goes both ways, liquid of course brings their absolute best as well
Unless astralis gets their shit together, they probably will. There is none to contest them rn it's astralis era all over again.
wtf crowd
NAF is just not smart enough to react to the crowd, just blindly rushes tunnels when he sees the crowd go wild, for sure he should know something is up
ngl Twistzz is insane it's prob him
apex legends season 2
Nah it's just takes different kind of aiming. Cs is more fast flicks and spray control where as apex is more tracking. My friend who came straight from overwatch was instantly insane in the game, for ...
2.6k matches & Level 5
It's alright we all know the truth You have to point out other peoples failures/struggles to cover up that ur own life is miserable Basic human psychology now chill m8
I can't go to Yemen
I'm only human
Dosia to navi?
+1 for dosia to navy
I'm quite sure he wasn't aware of the magnitude that professional players tweets were and would never do such things again, but i agree he was stopid af
Twistzz worst life
top 5 teams are paid over 300k a year just from salary. Then there is tournament winnings, sticker money, stream income etc. That would sum up his yearly average income to about 700k - 1mil so yeah, 5...