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Low tax ?
Thank you for the wishes, best of luck to you too in your career choices :). I have nothing to add to points 1 and 2, I think we have clearly stated our opinions on both. In point 3, you bring up tw...
Low tax ?
I agree that many jobs don't require you go to university to be good at them, as I mentioned, in the IT/technology field you can very easily educate yourself through online courses and what not if you...
Low tax ?
My parents both have degrees in the economy field, they don't really work with expensive equipment or facilities, however, they would be completly unable to do their jobs if it weren't for the skills ...
Top 20 players 2018: The Final
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Fires in Greece (and around the world)
Same shit happened in Portugal last year, good luck Greece and stay strong.
Sadokist is over
I like his casting, but that doesn't matter for the context of the argument. I don't really follow him on social media, but I know he is not perfect. I agree that the community defending him is just a...
Sadokist is over
I am not a fanboy, I like his casting, but that's about it. I'm just stating that, in my opinion, these situations are more often than not blown out of proportion, just look at Pewdiepie. For a compan...
Sadokist is over
The kng situation was a little more than him just saying fag. He lost it a couple of times and, after a few opurtunities, he had major repercussions. However, at least that I know of, this is the firs...