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most pain you've ever been in?
NiP v Pride. NiP v F3 at Cologne, NiP v Vega Jokes aside, the first night after I broke my arm was insanely painful
Zonic or Zews, who is the best coach?
Zonic and THREAT are the best
Liquid vs Astralis
I was judging by the quality of their CS, they shouldnt have lost against Fnatic, one lost antieco spoiled everything And they showed ability to beat top teams like Astralis 2-0 with nice teamplay Idk...
FaZe Still Has Humour
Was nice to see such a reaction tbh, they were powerless at that point
Liquid vs Astralis
Sorry, couldnt have predicted that after their nice online results and DHM playoff
So am I. Just finished watching the last match and the ceremony
Yeah but SK's so called slump isnt that long yet Myabe they'll recover
13 days until..
If you really won vs Nemiga, it's already very good, GL :D
Arguable they won NOTHING AT ALL after Kato16, next time was Kato18 soo..I think we can say they were
Being NIP fan
inb4 retards saying kick GTR kick pita, 0IQ teamplay by NiP, bad setups as CT and plenty of mistakes as T
NiP olofmeister?
:D I dont mind pita but.. THREAT would have been better for sure, esp when NiP has that fire power with dennis, they would have found the right way to use their aim w/o stupid mistakes
NiP olofmeister?
They need no roster change ffs GTR has just become a hard support, which is fine They need to fix their teamplay mistakes +THREAT is what is needed
ESL Clown League
YT is great compared to FB lul, you can even move back if you missed smth, here you can do nothing at all Let it be at least YT
Holy shit REZ's aim is sooooo good Best anchor and one of the best entries rn
SK vs Astralis
NiP 2-1 Astralis