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Playoff Predictions?
Exactly my thought, FaZe gonna repeat C9's victory, bookmark it
Praise NIP
GeT_RiGhT and f0rest delivered once again with top rating It's been over a decade but still no player can shut those guys down, respect, well-fought
MIBR will destroy NiP
Vega Squadron vs NiP
Not this time boys, 1-2 match gonna go the other way #GONINJAS
Guys check your math, NiP plays Vega if FaZe wins and they play Vega/C9 if mouz wins
draken was right
Ask North about CIS guys, they'll tell you what it is
Natus Vincere vs NiP
NiP should try Nuke/Train/Mirage and win #GONINJAS
if fnatic beat vega
You'd better give me a boot bruh
NiP vs Liquid
Hope NiP wins but not goes 3-0 as they may get tough guys from 3-2 like NaVi/FaZe/MiBR/Mouz after 2 of those go 0-2
Pick em
Fnatic, MiBR and FaZe let me down
I have the same but -BIG+fnatic The only funny thing is that it can all be broken just by 1 upset: if Liquid loses, easy -6pts :D I hope they wont
mousesports vs NiP
Gonna be tough for both.. In NiP we trust boiiiis, lets go! #GONINJAS
most unlikeable pro
hahaha, exactly my thought, I even checked the spelling twice
dream major final ? !
Anyway 99% of real CS fans will agree it's NiP-Fnatic and it has always been like this despite their form, this rivalry is too legendary to be boring
dream major final ? !
It's almost obvious it should consist of legendary teams so NiP-VP/VP-Fnatic/NiP-Fnatic would be insane but given the teams' abilities for me it'd most likely be NiP-Astralis/NiP-FaZe/FaZe-Astralis I ...