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f0rest streaming on Huya
Of course he is, I think it's gonna be the same on every new platform he tries, especially if it's some 'far from EU' region Still a bit surprised he went for this :D
f0rest streaming on Huya
ahahaha, ya zhdal chego-to podobnogo
f0rest streaming on Huya
yep. also thought he stopped streaming as he didnt write anything on Twitter but he just changed the platform
f0rest streaming on Huya
I was wondering where he disappeared from Twitch It turns out.. :D lol, what a legend
Trump LUL
Everything starting from the 2nd paragraph has nothing to do with other countries, it's out internal stuff (it's mostly true but doesnt touch the US or EU at all), why did you even mention it here in ...
adren just delete
Gotta love how well he managed to handle it, props to him
Dignitas vs FATE
Could be for sure but I guess he was trying to predict the most possible outcome
Dignitas vs FATE
Check the bracket, it's ML or PACT (most likely ML of course)
definition of a baiter
It's true of course but that's not how A TEAM works In a team everyone must be considered equal in terms of skill and respect to each other Everyone can have good and bad days and can show up from ti...
definition of a baiter
This is not, but when he does that with electronic and flamie...
Jammpi LawSuit
Probably not if you think as a human being but formally, from, say, Valve's POV, all 4 of them owned an account with cheats and from that POV...Why cant they all be treated the same?
Jammpi LawSuit
Where is the edge between forgiving the cheaters/not forgiving then?
Jammpi LawSuit
What should they do? Let a cheater play on the highest level? Make an exception for him? The biggest problem is that they cant make an exception for him, it'd be unfair towards all the other cheaters...
Jammpi LawSuit
If he thought about his future, he'd definitely not take suspicious accounts back and, first of all, not give any accs to FrIeNdS I've played CS for 7 years and never gave my acc to anybody, same wit...