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Liked the Liquid one, all the rest are ok but kinda s1mple and obvious
NiP Pita
We can clearly see he does nothing useful, they lost so many anti-ecos and postplants today, that's unacceptable The aim on the players is good but their chemistry is VERY bad and this is all about Pi...
NiP is terrible
Pita is the only and the biggest problem And has been even with GTR If you think twist is much better than GTR, you are completely wrong, he whiffs even worse than draken and doesnt hit anything at al...
fnatic vs NiP
Hope so :D
fnatic vs NiP
That's gonna be a PogChamp, hoping for Sydney rematch In front of their home crowd, insane...
fnatic vs Vitality
NiP - Astralis
Winner of DH Malmö ?
News with most comments
I guess if we cross out cyx's death GeT_RiGhT stepping down is the most commented news now
-gtr +twist
Twist has declined NiP many times, hard to belive he will come in instead of GeT_RiGhT, before Malmo especially I'm sure GeT_RiGhT would like to bid farewell in front of his home crowd
Favourite sex position
I'd say girl on top with her ass turned to you
When is BoT_RiGhT/GeT_ShItE getting dropped???
Would be insane to consider he retires before seeing his home crowd in Malmo So it's not earlier then Malmo for sure but I think given his form rn he will stay the whole 2019 vs Tricked
I usually say 'CT' if he is kinda far and 'lower' if he is hs-ish/under heaven
I asked Edward yesterday and he said it's gonna be Guardian (I was in the arena) so pretty much confirmed
I’m in Moscow
I won't say it's that usual tbh I live near Moscow and once went to Baikal which is about 5000km away from me and can tell you it's really unusual given the distance Yeah, it's still the same country ...