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Jesus Vs Allah
I will no longer reply regarding no.1 as we already established that as per multiple records, mohammed was a pedophile that had sexual intercourse with a 9 year old. Almost every single female hits pu...
Jesus Vs Allah
1. Since when did 9 year olds become sexually mature? stop arguing out of your ass. Mohammed was a pedophile. 2. "everything that begins to exist must have a cause" that argument is not cogent. Just ...
Jesus Vs Allah
1. Exactly. Mohammed had sex with a 9 year old, thus making him a pedophile. Your second sentence is irrelevant. 2. Not necessarily true. You can't assume that everything in existence has a reason for...
Jesus Vs Allah
same for jesus
Jesus Vs Allah
Nah, mohammed was a pedophile, its historical fact at this point. You can only argue for whether his pedophilia was justified but thats irrelevant and you'd be an idiot to believe in moral relativism ...
Jesus Vs Allah
the first description is also a perfect description of mohammed
Jesus Vs Allah
which part?
Jesus Vs Allah
mohammed*. allah never existed to begin with.
he is though. its more about other pubg players being shit than him being good though.
hows he awkward lmao
every sentient being has a personality by its very definition
jdm fucking bot
hes been awful for a long time
AWPer Res
why play 1280x1024 when you can play 1350x1080 instead?
god is great!
0/8 but in case some moron takes the bait, humans never evolved from apes, common misconception amongst uneducated people that have 0 knowledge in basic biology
Natus Vincere vs Quantum Bellator Fire
sure, thats a possible reality. i judge things based on if its possible for me to recreate it in-game or not. no pro so far has done anything i cant do, except maybe flusha but ill give him the benefi...