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Windigo vs ALTERNATE aTTaX
ok so we just got scammed i guess.. w/e at least it wasnt much(for me) XD
Windigo vs ALTERNATE aTTaX
hltv ?
New CIS team
basically he said that adren "lost his skill" and the guy below him said its because of the lack of motivation to play for gambit
Odin > Allah
religion in 2k18 LUL anw i am not even muslim but "allah" is not the name of their god :D allah literally translates to the word "god" in arabic.. im positive :D
No Women???
bruh do we really have to bring up this topic again? they're literally GOD'S ANOINTED :D tell me 1 "advanced" league male player that is getting invites to ANYwhere, gets salary, sponsorships and do j...
no u
Liquid is the worst “t1” team in ALL EXISTANCE
? Astralis plays literally every single map in the pool exept Cache...
flag checks out
Ugliest languages
tbh u dont realise but european portuguese it really is, it sounds like russian is trying to speak spanish LITERALLY. Brazilian portuguese on other hand sounds nicer EDIT: or it might be just me that ...
Draw country
omg... XD good thing there are not lots of armenians around (not like some made up genocide is the reason of it, right LUL)
cheated on my gf
well if u r not getting sex for 3 months smth isnt right and if u feel smth towards the "side chick" then go for her, just be careful to not sit on the ground from 2 chairs as we say around here :D
AVANGAR vs Windigo
Fixing Mousesports
how this makes any sense...
NORBANT vs Galkynysh
ive heard u can only have white car there and all u see is watch towers while driving outdise a city and u are not allowed to go off the road to the villages and stuff.. seems like a little bit more o...
NORBANT vs Galkynysh
grill ?