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Wisla Krakow vs North
Wisla looking really strong atm, nice to see poles finally managed to make 5man roster that has potential to be reall good.
last 3-4 times we fought as far as i remmember u were allied with more than 3 nations, what stop us now from ally with turkey to get some of u, just like u did many times before ^^
Nexus vs CeX
who is calling in nexus ? btn ?
ah finally an oppurtunity to bring back whole of THRACE home :D
Wisla Krakow vs SKADE
i dont understand why u took awp of dennyslaw and gave it to spellan ...
overrated food
balkan food>>>anything ppl just havent discovered it yet, u will forget all the trash u eat :>
overrated food
or he just doesnt like it ? just because u like it, it doesnt mean that he will like it as well?
Nexus vs Wisla Krakow
afaik he went to university and he cares more for the "real life", prolly he belvies in himself that he can have better life and make money otherwise rather than playing cs professionally
why what? Bruh im really struggling with u.. wdym with this "why"
for asking a question ?
is BIG the first ever number 1 without LAN victories ?
Nexus vs Wisla Krakow
this doesnt change the fact that he still can be part of this nexus team and take it to another level, hes still miles better than sxe or seminte innit ?
QSKE vs lvlUP
eh, thanks i guess :D same goes to u
QSKE vs lvlUP
im not trying to be funny cuz ive been to macedonia cuz i have friends there, never felt like im in sweden tho.. https://backintyme.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/e1-011.jpg another qeustion?