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i didnt know that emi has such huge impact on this team.. he looks like rock solid igl, great calls! letn1 on other hand OMEGALUL, they have to wait till the next major so they can replace him... abso...
subroza LUL...
Languages you speak
ethnic kurd born in turkey that immigrated in Finland i guess based on ur languages.. :D ?
Languages you speak
blyat ROFL ya nikogda ne dumal
AVANGAR vs Besiktas
terrorist bcz ur politicians r fkn trash and they cant recognise them? Look what russia did with all their over 18 regions where russians aren't the majority.. Tatarstan or Yakuts for example..?! is i...
taloo vs MVP PK
can they even undestand eachother LUL ?! or koreans still know japanese from past occupation LEL
Fnatic = Sweden
golden is christian btw LUL
Evil Geniuses vs mousesports
EG had literally to go on the plane and go into another tournament.. they're crazy jetlagged and tired.
tbh its just sport culture but anw the only time i can think of that someone got booed from the home crowd(exept in murica) is when VP fans in katowice booed fnatic(when they were best in the world an...
Nemiga vs Windigo
i never said he is good igl i just said that they had better roster XD spellan is much better igl if he didnt rage that much but w/e :D
Coldzera & Broky
i dont understand this line-up tho.. what the roles will be ? cold and niko calling together probably and they have olof,cold,niko and even broky that all play hybird with both rifles and awp, but nik...
Nemiga vs Windigo
because bubble is the igl and viktor was helping him i belive but anw, they were much better with shipz, blocker and viktor. The only player who is worth this "shuffle" is calyx but language barrier w...
Nemiga vs Windigo
wE WiLl gO iNtErNaTiOnAl BeCaUsE wE wIlL nOt AcHiEve OuR gOaLs WiTh ThIs RoStEr.... BRUH
Nemiga vs Windigo
????????? windigo is a joke with this international roster.. XD #SavePoizon, cerq v2