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Niko Religion
check his twitter or instagram, he celebrates ortodox christmas
can be because of WESG, they will play with old lineup
Nade binds
f - flash 4 - smoke space - HE mwheelup - molotov,inc
Serbian army, u kidding me HLTV?
aaa in this conversation i'm that special force , i didn't get it from start
Serbian army, u kidding me HLTV?
hahahah really? in serbia normaln crew member need to go through psychophysical tests even our army is fucked
Serbian army, u kidding me HLTV?
I respect every guy who is in spec force, but that's a job and you need to be the best for that job, in my opinion there is no space for guys who are not for thst type of job
Serbian army, u kidding me HLTV?
Thats the reason why we have good spec forces, when drill start for special forces there is like oround 500 people maybe much much more, but only 3-10 can join😂 we like quality not quantity 😂
Serbian army, u kidding me HLTV?
Hahaha, i will explain and i will try to be short,if u send an average serb in war, for money, in foreign country, probably he will die first day of war, but if that serb need to defend country, he wi...
Pros You’ve Played Against?
which dm? :D
Pros You’ve Played Against?
sunny-faceit kjaerbye GeT_RiGhT xms-faceit REZ-faceit mir kqly-faceit sixer XANTARES b0rup(from tricked esport)- faceit Espiranto-faceit waterfalzz-faceit zAAz and gina also faceit if we can count th...
Zeus lmao :D Legend
larger penis when stopped working out
Ivan is biggest penis
Djokovic GOAT
Guardian is Slovakian player bro :D Niko is Serb from Bosnia
Buy armor and decoy
i don't like to read and type in chat, after he dodge i saw whole chat