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-xizt +lekro
good salary + he knows that friberg is the next one on the chopping block so they can add one more upcoming talent and actually make it a legit team.
Why my aim not Improving
Bcuz your sens is clearly too high, why is it so hard to accept?
Why my aim not Improving
ok UKCS.
Why my aim not Improving
Buy a mousepad that's at least 40cm wide and then follow this guide:
Why my aim not Improving
Not on a 20 player FFA server.
Why my aim not Improving
"*Note: I was playing the DM without headset(with speaker)." First of all do not play DM with sound on. It's not beneficial at all and it just makes you an annoying cunt. Listen to music instead.
Why my aim not Improving
Your sensitivity is way too high. How wide is your mousepad?
I rate ur city
From Hungary: Kontroll: Fifth Seal: The Whiskey Bandit:
My i5 2400 died
If you can get an used one for cheap then it's absolutely worth it.
My i5 2400 died
I spent like an hour swapping memory in and out. Tried basically everything so I doubt it's a memory issue.
My i5 2400 died
No. It's all general stuff.
My i5 2400 died
It's first gen ryzen. The temperatures are fine.
My i5 2400 died
"Also update your mobo bios " Last time I did that my PC crashed every 5 minutes. With the current bios it crashes like 2-3 times a day. Might try the voltage thing.
My i5 2400 died
No. It just happens for no reason.