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thoughts about fnatic lineup
Right now fnatic is a bad team, they need to change all
Bad trolles from Swedish, u just envy us that we are the best cs country in the world, we have a lot of pro players, aimers more better than in Swedish, where people only can trolling xD
Natus Vincere vs Envy
U know, the main problem of these teams, that they don;t have Polands players, cos it's fact that best aimers from Poland, so their must invite some ours PRO to WIN!
.Russia vs Ukraine
Lol, can;t understand, who did take this guys to play for Russia, Where are - Dosia, Seized, Flamie, WTFWTF?
envyus top 1 soon
Never, only 2 nations can play in CS - Poland and Russia, others can;t
rip spray
Burgers say bad things alwayts and dunno even about what they say.,..... As always
Natus Vincere vs Astralis
WHere is Zeus, Why Simple in Natus Vincere, where is Starix, who is Flamie or it''s Dosia?>?
? What is it, is it CS or Chinese hau ni hao
Natus Vincere vs FlipSid3
not interesting, Russian team will win
HUEHUE vs Preparation
What is it? Where is Legendary Russian players like Dosia, Flamie, Seized, lex? Only nonames play today (
Natus Vincere vs SK
Lol, Brazil can play in cs - hohohohoho, they play in cs like they played in football against germany at the last champ xD xD xD. They think that if they won 1-2 noob-middle teams of europe they can p...
Worst countries in MM
Poland/ Germany
Navi when
bad for Navi, better they would take DOsia - best russian aim player
SK Going 3 majors?
Lool, America try to say - Look at us we can play CS - !! Hahahahahaah, remeber Burgers and 1-7 only Swedish and Poles can play at god level, u were just on luck xD