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Spidii not only individually won't be able to compete at T1 Level, but also strategically i think he will just get outplayed all the time. + who is supporting then? nex? k1to? both of them should not...
tabseN won't leave BIG, atleast not until the next BIG Lineup(k1to and syrsoN for smooya and Xantares(or nex/tiziaN but i believe Xantares) fails.
Vitality roster
That's right, even though i think ZywOo has more freedom under AleksiB. Though again, they would communicating in english, which could lead to communication problems.
Who is the first player you know?
pretty sure it was said yesterday that Krimz will play the last 2 days of EPL.
Poor ZywOo
First Round that Vitality wins had to be an Ace from ZywOo, hitting incredible shots that not even pros hit often. Holy Fuck if this guy is not getting TOP 1 this year, i swear i'll take over HLTV
FaZe vs Vitality
ZywOo will 1v9 FaZe
tabsen vs 9
nah s1mple has to bait his teammates and doesn't IGL. tabseN does it all
s1mple not top-3 2019
That's something i don't understand either. Ye ofc.. 2/3 of these Events were Majors.. but just because 2 Tournaments are considered a Major, that doesn't change the fact that Astralis won 3 Tourname...
Nothing new for coldzera to crush Astralis 16-2 On Blast Events aswell, how iconic
Magisk roasted TenZ
Wait you describe 2 "same scenarios" that aren't even the same. This is the worst baiting i've ever witnessed, really.. ever
Magisk roasted TenZ
pls stfu already, your trolls are not only not funny at all, they are fucking annoying.
Planning my approach.
If you're able to make it funny, do as you wish, but you should probably leave it be