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Renegades vs TYLOO
LMAO get rekt salty micro dicks, AU NUMBA WAN
Australian Internet
all we had to do was put up with labors shit for another term, and we wouldve had FTTP. instead everyone decided to vote for tony abbott who was a confirmed retard even before he took office. can only...
TYLOO vs Renegades
haha get rekt china. stick to buying sydney houses and skinning dogs alive at festivals.
Cringiest team name?
if true
Attack on titan
Beast titan is erens brother
FaZe vs Renegades
faze could fall in love with sydney and decide to throw for the boiz
Why doesn't NA steal EU talent?
I actually respect NA CS a lot more for trying to bring up their own talent instead of going the easy import route. NA league of legends is such a joke, all the best players are foreign and its basica...
Describe ur country
compLexity vs CLG
at least i know english
compLexity vs CLG
cus the dude is the biggest baby when his team starts losing. he ragequit a lan once when his team was losing before the game was even over, the admin had to chase him down the street to get him back
Loop haters, why ?
he gets a contract for being retarded meanwhile i shitpost on hltv where is my contract????
NA Dream Teams
leave mixwell out of it unless u want to go full NA LoL (aka No Americans, Needs Asians etc.)
why was my comment deleted? must be a mistake, ill post again he is disabled and lots of people are looking for good guy points pretending to care
Best thing in your Country?