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Stream Sniping
watching someones stream
best youtuber from ur country?
Valiance vs Akopalipsa
More than 50% of the people in BiH have double citizenship. When i was in West Mostar there was not a single person who didnt had croatian citizenship
steel from Ghost
not really. wasnt that much as far as i remember
Football is Dead?
heard qatar 2022 will be during the winter which is killing the whole WC vibe
Football is Dead?
it has been dead since 10 years or maybe even more fuck you mean fuck modern football and fuck uefa mafia
SoGamed & GotFrag
me but my main site was sk-gaming.org since it was used as a news site
if i hate esea?
also in ESEA you can block people and never play with them again, thats the biggest advantage imo
im expecting serious comments this time
FIREMIX vs Uniquestars
middle easterns have better ping in EU servers than half of russia and CIS lol
dota > all
dota will always remain number 1 alt game for every csgo fag i agree
KOSOVO IS BULGARIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kosovo,_Plovdiv_Province
No Nut November
to conception of NNN is to help people who are addicted to porn its pointless to compete if u gonna do the same after month
you need to play only in peak hours, most of the time is dead compared to esea and the regular faceit
Black Friday
where do you think the original term came from? https://starecat.com/content/wp-content/uploads/the-original-black-friday-sale-of-black-people-slaves.jpg