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Astralis vs mousesports
and what n0tail earn in 1 day is whole polski salary a year
Chaos vs Swole Identity
Oh i heard bad things about him way deeper than what shown online dude,lets just say his attitude isnt the best and it hurts him big time.I guess being very young and got signed by c9 made him have un...
Chaos vs Swole Identity
Well they got a better pick up in the end.I was quite harsh on Tenz but from what i heard hes kinda uncoachable and his biggest aspect was his aim which in NA theres a plenty amount of players with nu...
Chaos vs Swole Identity
Tenz is garbage.
TIGER vs D13
? they literally gonna get destroyed in that setup.It was a scout m4 and an mp9 with 4 TIGERS players sitting short.They will already push the short before the smoke down if they dont dc.If the tigers...
ENCE vs Gen.G
newfag trying to be cute with a lul every sentence
ENCE vs Gen.G
3/5 C9 Major team is asian nt
Avengers vs Budapest Five
hMp??? Never heard any scandal shit from him what happened?its the sweden awper right?
LDLC vs DreamEaters
They probably still beat g2 tbf lmao.
Bro cr4zy probably still win against these 2 even if they must win 32 rounds before they hit 16.
Complexity vs G2
lmao see ya losers konfig cajun and gade
I R8 Your Favourite Song
usually into pop,country and alternative rock but my favorite song changes everytime tbh
I R8 Your Favourite Song
NRG vs Gambit
Did you see how Tyloo lose to pistol like 12 times in a single series and got smoke defused in 2v1 scenario?
6 out of the 8 rounds vp have involved a pistol on either side.