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LDLC vs DreamEaters
They probably still beat g2 tbf lmao.
Bro cr4zy probably still win against these 2 even if they must win 32 rounds before they hit 16.
Complexity vs G2
lmao see ya losers konfig cajun and gade
I R8 Your Favourite Song
usually into pop,country and alternative rock but my favorite song changes everytime tbh
I R8 Your Favourite Song
NRG vs Gambit
Did you see how Tyloo lose to pistol like 12 times in a single series and got smoke defused in 2v1 scenario?
6 out of the 8 rounds vp have involved a pistol on either side.
VP won their first full gun round and already have 7 round LMAO
looking better when they won like 3 gunrounds on train in regular time?LUL.the only reason they are still in this game is because of pistol and eco rounds
NiP vs VG.Flash
Dude... this china idiot is indeed an idiot but pls don't make yourself look like him.China is not sea..
NiP vs VG.Flash
philipenis already famous in dota and now trying to be relevant in csgo LMAO
Natus Vincere vs TYLOO
Against worst opponent tho.They have been playing against the likes of Windigo,Attax and QBF.Yes Zeus is bad but MSL is not better in term of performance wise.The problem with Zeus is his call is actu...
Natus Vincere vs TYLOO
And no other team has a carry that can carry as hard as Simple.Navi will still be favored against the like of NiP cause no one is outstanding on that team.Navi always won the CIS derby,G2 is dead Nort...
Natus Vincere vs TYLOO
They are at least top 7 dude.Yes they suck hard but a lot of top team suck hard and don't have simple in their team.Astralis Faze Mouz Fnatic Liquid is probably the only team that's without a doubt is...
BDO vs BOOT-d[S]
Its Skytten and the other player I thought it was Fitch ?? But fitch isn't European