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The "new ringer" is their coach, who'll be IGL in the next few games.
No English stream?...
DeathX was kicked a few months ago. They weren't going anywhere with him as IGL and/or AWP.
BLUEJAYS vs Planetkey
They beat PkD a few times the last few weeks and months.
BLUEJAYS vs Planetkey
it's -deathX. deathX got kicked a few weeks ago.
BLUEJAYS vs Planetkey
How to remove ads?
Click on AddBlock Plus on the upper right -> Block Element and then just click on something you don't like to see on your page. Repeat it for everything. Don't know if it works here though. There a...
Why use StatTrack?
If it wouldn't count DM kills and that crap it would be more interesting. With DM kills it's simply a few numbers how many bots or idiots trying to get to lvl 3 you killed for me. E: +1 #79
Matches canceled?
fnatic should've played against dignitas, they were in Malmö, too, so it got canceled, too.
CLG vs Renegades
Wow, Hitbox is pretty great in relation to Azubu. Can't watch the stream at all, it's just buffering every 20 Secs.
Why isn't Season in the map pool?
Because it's shit. Way to many hiding spots and little corners, it's basically a game of hide and seek... and the map is way too big. You don't stand a chance as CT if you're on one bombsite and they ...
I got one other point besides yours... It's the evolution of the game, too. Look at other games (Starcraft II for example): All the players that were good at the beginning are now retired because they...
Counterstrike combine/draft?
I think there are a few reasons this won't work. Some of it are the same ones these draft systems only work in the US. 1. you would need to have a "talent league" or sth comparable to the NCAA so t...
Dupreeh so disrespectful!?
because 100k for possible 1st place in ESEA is more important than 25k for 1st place in Fragbite.
TSM win 24 row
24-0 on Maps... thought 24-0 on Games. Think it's 16-0 or so now in results. it's like you count all halves in football as two wins if they make 1-0 in 1st half and the 2-0 in the 2nd half imo