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G2 broke the curse?
:((((( Reply needs to have actual content
G2 broke the curse?
a white flag joke so funny xd
G2 YNK when?
I hope it doesnt happen. Not because i think he is a bad coach but i would feel bad for malek.
Save ZywOo
no ? He want to stay in Vita and Vita has no reason to sell him thats why he is not joining an EU roster
Frenchs choking again?
what you want them to do against heroic full of confidence in their home like its a pug..i dont like calling other team onliner but on lan i would like to see the result of every final !
shox peak vs NiKo peak.
in terms of frag and raw skill, Niko. In terms of clutches, understanding of the game, aim all combined, shox probably
G2 Disband
à un moment CND dit "nan mais les gars Niko c'est fait, il a signé ça a juste pas été annoncé c'est tout"
G2 Disband
euhh c'était au début de Vitality NiP, la rediff sur 1pvCS je crois que c'était pendant la pause technique. J'avoue que j'ai la flemme de chercher le clip mais j'espère t'avoir aidé qd meme !
G2 Disband
they still can swap one player :D
G2 Disband
i dont have the link and its in french. But wait and see i guess.
G2 Disband
It is. By a french caster who works will neL. Niko already signed and will be announced in few days.
G2 Disband
I mean this roster is done after the tournament and they are already eliminated so why tryharding ?? they dont care at all. Niko will join.
G2 and OG
G2 roster is confirmed afaik
G2 disband
i have a link but its in french so wont be helpul for u. Thats ok just wait a few days/weeks.