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Girls crying about being kicked in Russian Pro League
yep good job thats her. her statement : "The main council in this league is Blade . The person who isnt in FPL. His stat is 0.8 , even against bad teams he plays with rating 0.5-0.8. He cant even do ...
Girls crying about being kicked in Russian Pro League
little mistakes here and here but im triggered.
France LUL
Yeah like we care about a shitty match 1 week before World cup. They dont wanna play and thats obvious i rly dont know why we even play those matches..
Plus Faze are G2's kryptonite thats insane. Never a team was so dominated by an other like this.
They want a team just like Titan 2014. Good placing every event but no event win then CS wasnt competitive. Now they will go out of groups 1 of 2 event and get eliminated. Sad but true
Envyus fans in Poland
In Poland WHAT ? Thats was in Cologne 2015, i know because i was there on the crowd cheering for them.
kennyS vs fer ?
comparing fer and kennys is the same shit that comparing xyp9x and GuardiaN
rate this gril
2/8 not my type
no igl, just yolo like all french teams in the past :DDD
no i dont care i just picked my favorite players but good enough. I would picked shox devo amanek kio and zywoo if that was the case.
i LOVE my team #1 for the rest i picked randomly
Yanny or Laurel
Laurel for me
i r8 your jokes
before it is : "JW who ?" :(
i r8 your jokes
Singularity vs NOBO